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During the quarantine Armie Hammer did not read books or write poetry. He fooled boredom by doing alpha male things and even a little crappy, as he told Jimmy Kimmel.

It seems like years have passed since the very hard times of the lockdown, but if it is Armie Hammer that we have to talk, then we will gladly return to the subject. What did the actor do during the long weeks of quarantine or in any case during the time when the film was stopped? He rolled up his sleeves and went into … macho jobs. Specifically, he helped a close friend rebuild a hotel. Here’s what the actor told about it during the Jimmy Kimmel Live!: “I didn’t sit idle. I was really lucky. I mean, the way is collapsing, we’re in full Apocalypse, but the funny thing is that my friend Ashton Ramsey bought an old motel in the middle of the desert. It was an abandoned and run-down motel, and when I got back from the Cayman Islands, where I had spent some time in quarantine, I said to him, ‘man, I have nothing to do’. And he: ‘Do you want to come and live with me in an abandoned motel and help me renovate it?’ ”.

Al Jimmy Kimmel Live! Armie Hammer he presented himself dressed as an astronaut to have an additional barrier against Covid-19. To the presenter who teased him by telling him that he looked like a baked potato and that he was incredulous at the story of the motel, he revealed that the help given to his friend really saved him from boredom and monotony, or rather from a reprehensible habit that it would always be better to keep silent: that of sticking your fingers in your nose. “Do you think something better was happening in my life?” – he said. “I was literally sitting at home taking the boogers out of my nose and trying to throw them as far as possible. I had exhausted all options. “

That “literally” means that Armie Hammer he really spent his days “scaccolarsi”. Who knows if he did it in secret or in front of his wife, we wonder. Nose fingers apart, Hammer has a bright cinematic future ahead of him, in which he will be able to enjoy the success of the aforementioned Murder on the Nile, coming next November 26, and of Rebecca, which debuts on Netflix on October 21.

Here is the hilarious video of Armie Hammer potato in foil and with some terrifying sandals that speaks of rough lockdown habits with Jimmy Kimmel, followed by the trailer for Rebecca, remake of the film by Hitchcok Rebecca – The first wife.



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