Former campaign manager for President Donald Trump Brad Parscale, 44, was hospitalized on Sunday after attempting to commit suicide at his Florida home in Fort Lauderdale. Parscale is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital.

Wife of Parscale Candice, 41, alerted police at the scene on Sunday afternoon after Parscale, who was raging with a gun, had beaten his wife and threatened to commit suicide.

– When the police arrived at the scene, they contacted the wife, who explained that her husband was armed and that he had several weapons. According to his wife, the man had threatened to harm himself, Fort Lauderdale police DeAnna Greenlaw explained the incident.

Became violent

Police were able to negotiate with their house in fortified Parscale and persuade the man to peacefully get out. A police camcorder video shows a shirtless Parscale walking out of the house with a can of beer in his hand.

According to a police report, Parscale appeared to be drunk. The report also mentions that wife Candice Parscale had said her husband had become violent in recent weeks.

– I noticed that the wife had large bruises on both hands, as well as on the cheeks and forehead, the police present Steven Smith wrote in his report.

– When I asked him how he got injured, he did [vaimo] replied Brad Parscale had beaten him.

Brad Parscale had two shotguns, two rifles and six handguns at his Fort Lauderdale apartment.

Years on payroll

Parscale, who served as President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was fired in July when President Donald Trump’s support figures plunged down just four months before the election.

Parscale had been on Trump’s family payroll even before Trump left for the presidential race. In the 2016 election, he served as Trump’s campaign digital media manager.

After Trump’s victory, Parscale served in America First, and in February 2018, he became Trump’s campaign manager.

Longer than Trump’s head, the 2.2-meter and handsome-bearded Parscale has become a celebrity in Trump’s wake, and supporters often swayed in the same picture as Parscale before election began.

Trumpia Parscale’s media attention and her luxury lifestyle in Florida began to annoy earlier this year when the man barely appeared at the campaign headquarters in Virginia.

As Trump’s campaign manager, Parscale once hired Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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