Ari Huhtamäki evening Donald Trumpin with is certainly exceptional in the sense that Trump is also likely to remember that case quite well.

– In July 1989, I flew with three other guys on a private plane sent by Trump to Atlantic City. When we got there, Trump brought gifts for everyone, Huhtamaki now recalls the events of more than 30 years ago.

– We all had our own suites on the top floor of the hotel.

At that time, the Finnish lawyer was now working as the CFO of a finance company owned by the late financial giant SKOP. Trump’s hospitality, of course, did not affect him personally, but still the royal treatment felt good.

– We looked Mike Tysonin from the ring match of the title match. I sat next to Trump all evening and on his other side was an actor Don Johnson.

Johnson, who played the Miami Vice series’ cracked drug cop, Sonny Crockett, was a much better-known figure in Finland than Trump.

– It was a pretty special situation. Of course, I knew what Trump was doing because I had been involved in a banking syndicate to fund a couple of his projects as well.

– Trump was a real estate mogul and he lived by it. He was like a rich American businessman. At the time, one could not have imagined that he would become president.

Huhtamaki’s entourage included a first-class gambler Don Rubin, which had just made its assets by selling the finance company to a Finnish bank.

– 53 seconds passed until Tyson knocked out his opponent. It then ended there.

Since then, Huhtamaki has followed the career development of his acquaintances. The move to politics was a surprise, and an even bigger one came when Trump was elected president of the United States.

– He didn’t seem crazy then. On the contrary, Trump was extremely polite, and I still have the gifts he gave.

– However, these four years have shown that not all moomins are in the valley.