Argentina vs Paraguay, for the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers: fake news and real news for Lionel Messi of the National Team

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The disallowed goal left a lesson on how Barcelona’s “10” should play in Lionel Scaloni’s team.

It will remain in the memory as a phantom goal and something else. The confirmation in a play that this Selection can crystallize an associated game idea, from below and with Lionel Messi as finisher. That is, without depending – as almost always in so many years – on Leo as sole constructor.

It was a goal in the form of fake news Messi’s, because referee Claus did not see the infringement of Nicolas Gonzalez about Ángel Romero and why the VAR again brought confusion in their times of action. A pity, because it was to applaud.

It is also a real good news, because although the whole play was the result of a sum of chances, it also suggests that Argentina can play better and can find that identity that it seeks so much.

There was something casual and a lot of audacity in the entry of González by Tagliafico. Casual because it arose from an injury; audacity because Scaloni bet a forward on the defensive options offered by Medina or Kannemann. Chance completes it that Giovani Lo Celso also got into the game due to another injury (early, from Exequiel Palacios). But the Tottenham midfielder has long been hinting that he may be Messi’s subtle partner.

It does not seem coincidental that the virtuous triangulation of the goal that was not but should be saved on the hard drive was carried out by three left-handers. It produces a stylistic, aesthetic effect and also allows the court to be opened in times when wingers tend to play with a different leg.

In the play, Messi distracts marks, because he is never alone in the vicinity of the area, but he participates by touching the ball only at the end. Another wink. Before, González’s decisive climb and the exquisite touch, without looking at it but seeing it, by Lo Celso.

It is perhaps a sign of where to insist on the game of a team and a coach who assume offensive and brave, but do not finish specifying.

In three games, the National Team had little goal and little attack volume. Those who play alongside Messi need to grow and not the need for Messi to do everything again. It seems like a play on words, but the game that will serve the national team the most is the one played by the three in that goal that was not.




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