Argentina vs Ecuador, for the Qualifiers: the night in which not even the speakers could hide the silence with which the National Team played

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The usual songs of encouragement to the Argentine team and Lionel Messi this time were artificial, thanks to a couple of DJs.

Lionel Messi enters the La Bombonera playing field through the tunnel located in the middle of the field and behind him are followed by the other ten starting players in the debut of the Argentine National Team in the South American Qualifiers towards Qatar 2022. The flea he plays again in the country with the light blue and white jersey, but only a few privileged “essentials” can see him up close. The world has to settle for watching it on television.

The stands are empty. Is the new normal imposed by the pandemic. And until there is a coronavirus vaccine, it will be more normal than new. It happens all over the world, but still and everything is strange. It takes getting used to.

So that the Argentine players were not so alone and still felt the breath closely, there were a couple of DJs who set the rhythm of the Bombonera to music.

No, it wasn’t like bowling. In the console they loaded songs of the “fans” of the Selection. So that the legendary “Let’s go, Argentina!”, Or the “Let’s go, Selection!” of the last times.

And there was also something special for Leo. “Olé, olé, olé, Messi, Messi”, they put in the background just when the “10” had the ball at his feet. “Basically the intention we have is be the missing fan in this show”Said one of the DJs before the game.

What will have gone through the heads of the players as soon as they stepped on the Bombonera? They come playing without people, but more than one of them will have been impressed to see the stadium empty, without receiving the heat and color of the Argentine fans.

The only screams that were heard were their own to ask for the ball or to accommodate a teammate. Also, the indications of Lionel Scaloni. The voices of Walter Samuel and Pablo Aimar were even heard, something unusual.

And from the other bank there were no shortage of complaints against the Chilean referee Roberto Tobar on behalf of Gustavo Alfaro, who returned to La Bombonera as Ecuador’s coach. Nothing out of the ordinary in that regard.

Even so, it was impossible to hide the silence, which was felt during the Hymns and in the goal cry. Speakers couldn’t replace 50,000 people, of course.

In the Anthem the voices of those players were heard who raised them to sing it. That of Leo no, because he stammered it again. And in the end they applauded each other.

A few minutes later, after converting the penalty into the goal that gives Casa Amarilla, the reflex action made Messi face with his eyes fixed on the low tribune. He immediately turned around to receive the embrace of his companions. Some affection in the midst of so much loneliness.

In the second tray behind that goal there was not “La 12”, Boca’s brave bar. Likewise, the boys gave the present through their flags, all of blue and white.

One of them, hanging in the boxes, said: “The temple of world football encourages you.” Another, on the rostrum overlooking the Riachuelo: “I will always be by your side, dear Argentina.” And in the sector where the violent blue and yellow are usually located, there were four others: “Player No. 12”, “Argentina”, “Player No. 12 PTE” and “Leopardi”.

Leopardi? This is the name of the gym of Mauro Martín, one of the leaders of the bar xeneize. There were also braces that hung between the avalanche guards.

Three years ago, when the National Team returned to play in the Bombonera, in a 0-0 with Peru, “La 12” had been in full swing. At that moment, the AFA looked the other way. It is seen that not even a pandemic changes some things …



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