Argentina sees the pandemic grow at a disturbing rate

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“We can’t take it anymore. They are leaving us alone,” said the Argentine Society of Intensive Therapy (SATI) of Argentina and warned: “The battle against the virus is being lost.” The latest part of the Health Ministry seems to underpin those bitter predictions: 470 people died on Tuesday.

The figure is unprecedented since mandatory isolation was decreed in late March. The total number of fatalities is close to 14,000. The rate at which deaths are increasing has completely changed the healthcare landscape. With the 12,027 new positive cases on Tuesday, the number of infected is 652,174, of which 517,228 have recovered from the virus. Until a little over a month ago, the capital and their suburbs they concentrated 90% of the patients. Now it is the other provinces, where the hospital infrastructure is weaker, which are beginning to be dangerously exposed to the advance of covid-19.

He sustained increase of the deaths It is the one that begins to change the panorama of the pandemic in this country that was believed to be safe from the regional trends led by Brazil. At the moment they have occupied the 60% of beds in intensive care units at the national level. However, cases of hospitals on the brink of collapse and other overflow situations. Some 450 health professionals have contracted the virus. Last Monday, Sanitation Day was celebrated. Nurses in the capital took to the streets to demand improvements in their wages and working conditions. “We believe that it is fair and necessary to keep the memory of each deceased nurse“The police received them with batons when they approached the municipal legislature.

Change of humor

Months ago, health workers were hailed as heroes at 9:00 p.m. Society rewarded them with applause from the balconies and windows. Euphoria gave way to tiredness and then to a rising refusal to quarantine, aggravated by the effects of the economic disaster. GDP has had a historical decline of 19% during the second quarter of the year. In the midst of the collapse, the President’s government Alberto Fernandez happened to be described as “infection“by different spokespersons from the right.

The opposition to Peronism has already held three demonstrations against the “sanitary terror”, among other claims. The fight against the pandemic was in the background due to the political dispute to the point that the fake news criticism of Argentina’s participation in the coronavirus vaccine developed by the British laboratory AstraZeneca in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

However, the challenge to the restrictions does not only come from the forces that seek to erode the figure of Fernández. Every day cases of clandestine parties with dozens of participants who are interrupted by the arrival of the police. The provincial director of the Alcoholic Beverages Registry (REBA), Marcelo Montero, acknowledged that these celebrations have grown exponentially in the Buenos Aires outskirts, where some seven million people live.

As has happened in Brazil, the discourse against social isolation has penetrated a sector of Argentines. The trivialization of the pandemic already has representation within the Organization of American States (OAS). His new secretary for Access to Rights and Equity, Arthur Braganca de Vasconcelos Weintraub, a man close to the president Jair Bolsonaro, believes that the pandemic is, strictly speaking, a “leftist plague” and the mask is “the insignia of the Communist Party.” In Buenos Aires there is no shortage of those who repeat this reasoning to the point that two weeks ago masks were burned in the center of the city of Buenos Aires, as if it were a spell.

Greater opening

The transgression of social distancing has deepened after the opening of bars and restaurants. The mayor of the capital, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who is part of the opposition spectrum, decided to expand gastronomic services and intends to resume school classes, albeit outdoors. The Union of Education Workers (UTE-Ctera) has been forceful in its disagreement: “this is a joke, there are not the conditions given to teach on the sidewalks. The only thing the authorities want to do in anti-quarantine propaganda and not educate. “



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