Not all bodies are the same and this has to do with the somatotype. There are three: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Each of them has some peculiarities that should be known to understand why it can cost us to gain weight or eliminate accumulated fat.

But What is the somatype? It is a way of classifying body types and their characteristics taking into account their morphological characteristics that psychologist William Herbert Sheldon devised in the 1940s and 1950s, a theory that became so popular as to influence the psychologist Abraham. Maslow ol writer Aldous Huxley.

As Sheldon established, there would be three pure somatypes, although also a scale of seven possibilities tending to one or the other profile. Others Heath and Carter in the 90’s expanded it, reaching about 13 categories among which were balanced endomorph, mesomorph-ectomorph or ectomorph-endomorph, among many others.

However, although these approaches are common today, especially in the field of nutrition and sports practice, all the psychological theories associated with these types of physicists are considered outdated by most modern scientists and are of little use. than to describe a certain aspect or structure.

Somatotipo 1: ectomorfos

The first of the somatotypes is the ectomorph. People who fit it are slim, have little fat stored in their body, and have a hard time gaining muscle. Also, in some cases they do diets to gain weight, since it is difficult for them to gain it because they tend to do the opposite.

According to him International Institute of Nutrition and Sports Sciences (IINCD), who fit within this somatotype they are usually tall people with long limbs. Some models have this type of body, a well-known example could be the model Gisele Bündchen.

Somatotipo 2: mesomorfo

The mesomorphic somatotype is the one desired by many people. Who fit into it have low levels of fat, a narrow waist with broad shoulders and a strong body. Unlike ectomorphs, mesomorphs do not have a hard time gaining muscle, in fact, many have a marked and muscular body with little exercise with weight.

As people who have this somatotype do not usually store fat tissue, well if they get muscular, they tend to achieve a high muscle mass. Some known examples of mesomorphic bodies can be Chris Hemsworth (actor) or Jessica Biel (actress).

Somatotipo 3: endomorfo

The third and last somatotype is the endomorph. The people who fit into it they tend to accumulate fat and tend to have a much larger bone structure. In fact, their waist is usually quite wide. These people have a hard time losing weight.

Endomorphic somatotypes they must be very careful with poor diet and sedentary lifestyle because they can end up suffering from diseases due to obesity they can reach. A balanced and adapted diet, as well as physical exercise (cardiovascular and strength) is important. An example is Brock Lesnar (professional fighter).