Are you and Ludwig Heer still a couple?

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Giulia Siegel cried bitterly at “Temptation Island VIP” when she saw her partner Ludwig Heer flirting with other women in a video. In the GALA interview, however, this desperate reaction no longer seems to have any meaning.

Giulia Siegel, 46, dropped the mask of the tough reality TV actress for a moment after many years of self-control – and immediately picked it up again. There is no other explanation for the fact that Giulia suddenly appears more clarified than ever in an interview with GALA after her breakdown on “Temptation Island VIP”. We all saw the DJane bursting into tears and sobbing after viewing the recordings in which her partner Ludwig Heer, 39, willingly let himself be flirted on by the single ladies: “What I saw is not the man by my side. What I have seen is not 100% trust, is not 100% love. “

After the shooting is over, these feelings seem to have been forgotten and the following answers Giulia’s answers also clarify the question of whether she and Ludwig are still a couple after the breach of trust: Yes.

GALA: How was it for you to see the consequences in retrospect and to experience Ludwig with all the women?

Ludwig Heer with single lady Lina

Giulia Siegel: Seeing Ludwig in these situations with all the women was very amusing and funny for me. Sometimes I felt sorry for him. Because it’s like going to table dance with friends in the evening. He must never touch. And he has never done that with “Temptation Island VIP”. We had our rules and he adhered to these rules completely.

You were always very tough before, suddenly you seemed very emotional …

I’m still very tough, but I showed my emotional side for the first time on TV and gave it free rein.

Was it particularly close to you to see your emotional outburst about Ludwig in episode six?

Giulia Siegel "Temptation Island VIP" to be seen on RTL and TVNow.
Giulia Siegel can be seen on “Temptation Island VIP” on RTL and TVNow.

In the sixth episode, I didn’t cry because of Ludwig, but because of a conversation with Stephi about emancipation. I then questioned my life, how I raised my children, managed my relationships, and consciously allowed the pain. I thought that I was never emancipated because the man always stood above the woman with me. But now I know that this form of emancipation as I actually lived it (single parent, working, happy in the role) is a modern, emancipated woman.

But didn’t you cry when you saw Ludwig in the video?

Ludwig Heer cuddling with single lady Sarah
Ludwig Heer cuddling with single lady Sarah

The only thing that shocked me was when I saw Ludwig alone in bed with a woman. But it was only afterwards that I was shown that there were actually four of them in bed. That was one of the rules we had. Practically like a hotel room party, when you go to the hotel room together after the party, empty the minibar and everyone falls asleep drunk. Ludwig lay on the edge and all over the bedspread. So he kept this rule completely.

The flirtation doesn’t bother me in any way. I think every conversation you have with someone over dinner or with friends is also a kind of flirtation. I think flirting is a wonderful thing in the world. You can whet your appetite anywhere. Ludwig had fun and I don’t hold it against him at all.

Sources used: own interview


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