Are Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry celebrating New Year’s Eve in England?

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan could herald the turn of the year in their old home – and for serious reasons.

Royals employees are preparing for Prince Harry’s, 36, return from the USA, reports the newspaper “The Sun” and adds that there has been no talk of a visit to Duchess Meghan, 39, so far. But Markle could follow at a later date, speculates “The Mirror” further. The focus is not on family reunification or other private matters, but two important dates.

Duchess Meghan’s trial against the Daily Mail begins

After various preliminary hearings, the court hearing in London will begin on January 11, 2021 in the case of “The Duchess of Sussex versus Associated Newspapers Limited” for the publication of extracts from a letter from Meghan to her father. Should she appear in person – which the English media are seriously considering – Meghan would have to go into quarantine for two weeks according to the current coronavirus rules. Accordingly, Meghan would have to arrive from the USA by December 28th at the latest and would be in England on New Year’s Eve. And where Meghan is, you know, Harry is too …

Prince Harry is said to have a meeting with the Queen

According to “The Sun”, Prince Harry should lead the way to his grandmother and former “boss”, Queen Elizabeth, 94. One source reported: “The Windsor staff were told to prepare for the possibility that Harry might come back. They were told it could happen in a matter of weeks, but Meghan’s name was not mentioned. to talk about – not just about his political statements, but also about his visa situation in the US. Although he would have to isolate himself for two weeks, the property is big enough for talks while observing social distancing measures. ” So it is possible that Harry and Meghan connect their appointments.

Where the Sussex family celebrates Christmas is unclear. While some claim the couple are coming to Sandringham with Archie, 15 months, others claim that the two are not ready to meet the Windsors due to the Megxit turbulence.

Sources used: The Sun, The Mirror


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