Are compression socks able to prevent muscle soreness or injuries?

Tomorrow is the Tokyo Olympics. This section contains more information. Healthful or unhealthyTijn Elferink, a health journalist, explores a topic that can be confusing. Compression socks can prevent muscle pains, injuries, and even thrombosis.

Perhaps anyone who said goodbye to TeamNL members at Schiphol over the past weeks might have witnessed something extraordinary. Compression stockings were worn by almost all Dutch athletes, as well as their supervisors, who flew to Tokyo to compete in the Olympic Games. They call it “a revolution in top sport”.

Peter Verstappen is TeamNL’s chief physician. He says that flying is not good for the body. “Long periods of sitting with little leg space makes it difficult to maintain blood flow in the legs,” Verstappen said.

Leonard Hofstra, a cardiologist, says that flights of over eight hours increase the risk of developing thrombosis. A blood clot can block a blood vessel, which is what causes thrombosis. The professor warns against thrombosis because it can be dangerous. He also recommends drinking water and exercising a lot.

Stockings with compression are just as grandma-like as grandmas.

Patients with thrombosis often wear compression stockings. People often imagine granny’s flesh-colored stockings. “Compression stockings stimulate blood circulation,” says vascular surgeon Ben Disselhoff. This makes it easier to get up and down on your feet. Caspar Disselhoff, his son, couldn’t find compression socks that would make him look good in his thirties.

Disselhoff created STOX Energy Socks, a company that introduced fashionable compression stockings on the market. They were not stockings as Disselhoff called them, but socks. They are worn by top athletes who love them and use them to prevent injuries. “I am fit and sharp until the end of the game, because I no longer have heavy legs,” says hockey player Frédérique Matla. Erben Wennemars also supports the sport. Former skater and sports presenter Erben Wennemars says that “Fit” is the new frontier. “I feel less soreness in my muscles and my recovery time is faster.”

Sports physiotherapists experiment with socks and stockings

Great marketing, with either anecdotal or hard evidence. STOX claims that socks reduce the swelling of legs caused by flies. It’s not clear whether they can prevent injury. “Then you are treading on thin ice,” says sports physiotherapist André van Alphen. “Like saying socks can promote healing. “The commercial talk is not bad.

“Athletes often suffer from high tension in the calves after a sporting effort.”

André van Alphen, sports physiotherapist

Van Alphen began experimenting with socks and tight stockings years ago. For those times when the eye needs something, there are also compression socks. Van Alphen’s passion spread to his football team. After a sport, athletes often feel high tension in their calves. Massages can help, but they are only temporary. Compression socks are a great way to increase blood flow, even for hours.

Bicyclists are prohibited from wearing socks

Ben Disselhoff is a vascular surgeon and sits on the medical oversight board of STOX Energy Socks. He says fluid seeks out the lowest point in your body. “Waste substances build up under the knees, and the calves become the body’s waste dump. Disselhoff says that cycling socks are prohibited because they effectively squeeze moisture upwards.

“The compression sock is perhaps a better innovation for the consumer and athlete than for the athletes at the very top.”

André van Alphen, sports physiotherapist

STOX sold 100,000 socks last year, but the company expects to sell three times as many this year. Because the Dutch recently entered the American market. There are more compression stockings than in Europe. Therefore, the sports sock manufacturer hopes to not only reach American sports markets but also to win over consumers.

STOX Energy Socks are becoming more popular in the Netherlands. The socks are also worn by many nurses and surgeons at Van Alphen’s clinic. The compression sock was perhaps a more innovative innovation for both the consumer and the athlete than it was for the top athletes.

The verdict

Leg problems can be caused by sitting for long periods of time, standing too much and exercising hard. The new design of compression stockings can trap moisture and waste upwards, similar to Calippo ice cream. This can be helpful in preventing muscle pain and injuries.



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