Arce calls for dialogue in his inauguration as president of Bolivi

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“The people demand us unity, peace and certainty. Complementarity between East and West, between the country and the city. I believe in justice and not revenge. Being from another party should not be the object of hatred. That must end. “The economist Luis Arce has assumed the presidency of Bolivia almost a year after the coup that removed from power to Evo Morales. At the inauguration, Maple has thrown a vehement message. “The only ones they should fear are the offenders, the violent and those who commit acts of corruption.”

The Movement to Socialism (MAS) has returned to the Burned Palace after winning its presidential candidate on 55% of the votes in the elections held last month. the vice president David Choquehuanca has been the in charge of taking the oath to new head of state. Jeanine Áñez, who during the crisis of November 2019 proclaimed herself interim president of the country, has not been present at the ceremony, like all the ministers of the interim government.

Arce has made a severe diagnosis of the management carried out by the interim government. Has reported a “drastic indebtedness “ $ 4.2 billion and a loss of reserves of nearly $ 1 billion. Áñez, he affirmed, has left an economy that was not seen “even in the worst crises of the last century.” Unemployment and inequalities have increased. “We have a great challenge, but working together with the people we will be able to overcome adversity. We are here with a message of hope to all the nations that make up Bolivia. We will turn the dark page and look to the future with the aim of living well for all Bolivians” . The presidents of Argentina and Colombia, Alberto Fernández and Iván Duque, respectively, as well as King Spain, Felipe VI and the second vice president Pablo Iglesias, have participated in the ceremony.

Latent tensions

Choquehuanca, who represents indigenous peoples within the Government, has assured for his part that the MAS, which will control Parliament, has the “obligation” to “communicate” and “dialogue” with its adversaries. “We have inherited a culture that understands that everything is interrelatedThat everyone has everything, that nobody lacks anything, that helping is a reason to grow and be happy. “The message does not seem to have an effect on the most radical sectors of the opposition, with its epicenter in the Santa Cruz region. Luis Fernando Camarcho, who played a leading role in the overthrow of Morales and who obtained 14% of the votes in the October elections, still does not recognize Arce’s victory.

Despite the celebrations, the return to power of the MAS is not without tension. Days ago, a group of people detonated a stick of dynamite against the headquarters of the ruling party when Arce participated in a meeting. At the same time, Orlando guiterrez, the main leader of the Union Federation of Mining Workers of Bolivia (FSTMB) was attacked by a gang of young criminals and died in a hospital as a result of the beating. Before the president formally assumed office, the Legislative Assembly asked those present for a minute of silence in tribute to “brother” Gutiérrez and those killed by the repressive actions of the de facto government.

The return of Morales

Last Friday, Arce and Choquehuanca received the Amautas’ baton, a name taken from those priests who were in charge of educating the children of the nobles in the Inca empire. “We thank the Amautas and Mama T’allas who, from the early hours of the morning, in Plaza Murillo, prepare the ritual of offering and gratitude to the Pachamama. We received the blessings of Mother Earth & rdquor ;, Arce said.

In this context, Morales will return next Tuesday to Bolivia from Argentina. A caravan of about 800 cars will depart from the Argentine border to the town of Chimoré, in the Cochabamba region, where the then-ousted president left the country for Mexico on November 11, 2019. “On November 11, I left Chimoré to save life and on the 11th I will return to Chimoré alive, “Morales said.



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