Apps of the week: You are the work of art in Google Arts & Culture

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Create a self-portrait like Van Gogh would with Google Arts & Culture and create virtual race tracks Hot Wheels Unlimited. These are the apps of the week.

Google Arts & Culture

Now that we are all back home more often, trips to a museum have suddenly become a lot less self-evident. With the Arts & Culture app, Google is attempting to bring art and culture into your living room with an educational and interactive app.

A major update makes it a lot more fun, especially for a younger audience: with new augmented reality filters you can become part of well-known works of art. That’s how you imagine yourself Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer or do you take center stage in a portrait of Van Gogh.

Each filter also includes a box with background information, in which you can learn more about the artwork on which the filter is inspired. In addition to these funny filters, the app is also worth playing fun games in which famous art is central.

Download Google Arts & Culture for iOS of Android (free)

There are already some Hot Wheelsracing games in the Apple and Google app stores, but Unlimited takes a slightly different approach. In Hot Wheels Unlimited In addition to actually driving around with toy cars, there is a main role for building the race tracks yourself.

You build your own track with loops, jumps and other obstacles by clicking them together like virtual building blocks. When you are satisfied, you upload your track and you can immediately ride it with friends or other players.

The nice thing about the game is that new jobs are constantly being added. Especially if the game regularly receives new building blocks, you are satisfied Hot Wheels Unlimited sweet for a while.

Download Hot Wheels Unlimited for iOS of Android (free)

Smart Tasks lives up to its name: a simple but therefore very effective free task app for the iPhone. By organizing your tasks into categories you assign a color to them so that they immediately stand out.

With the push of a button, the app switches to a weekly view, so that you only see the tasks that you have to complete in the next seven days. Thanks to iOS 14 you can now also add a widget to your home screen where you can, for example, see all your tasks for today at a glance.



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