Apps of the Week: Cut apples and bananas in the return of Fruit Ninja

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The return of Fruit Ninja, your financial household in order with NOVA and hunt evil spirits The Pathless. These are the apps of the week.

Fruit Ninja 2

Did you already have a smartphone around 2010? Chances are you will Fruit Ninja played. The wildly popular game of yesteryear finally got a successor last week.

In Fruit Ninja 2 the goal is still to cut the fruit as quickly as possible. While the apples, bananas, mangos and melons are flying around you, you have to pay attention, because by combining a certain type of fruit you get more points.

Although Fruit Ninja 2 largely identical to its predecessor, a few things have changed. In the new multiplayer mode you can compete against other fruit ninjas from all over the world, for example.

Download Fruit Ninja 2 for Android of iOS (free, with in-app purchases)

Nationale Nederlanden has published a digital housekeeping booklet: NOVA. This new app tries to provide insight into your financial situation, which gives you more peace of mind.

The app looks at your income and expenditure pattern. Based on your checking account, NOVA checks how much is coming in, where your money is going and how much you can still spend until your next salary is deposited.

This is automatic by the way. After you have given NOVA one-time access to your payment account, it can collect incoming and outgoing transactions. It is extra handy that they are also directly categorized. Is NOVA making a mistake in this? Then you can manually attach the transaction to the correct label, such as the rent, groceries or personal care.

NOVA is free and works together with every Dutch checking account. You do not have to be a customer of Nationale Nederlanden to use the app.

Download NOVA for Android of iOS (free)

Postponement does not always result in cancellation, as proves The Pathless. This game was supposed to be available at the launch of Apple Arcade (Apple’s game service), but was delayed.



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