Approaching 152,000 COVID-19 Deaths

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In the last 24 hours, Brazil registered 749 new deaths from coronavirus, with which the number of deaths grew again after five days with daily records below 700, and the accumulated in seven months of pandemic already close to 152,000 deaths, reported official sources.

According to the bulletin released this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health, the total number of deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil it amounted to 151,747, and the number of infections, with the 27,235 registered in the last 24 hours, reached 5.14 million.

Country very beaten

The figures, although they have been falling gradually in recent weeks, confirm Brazil as the second country with the highest number of deaths from coronavirus in the world, surpassed only by the United States, and as the third with the most infections, behind the United States and India.

He number of deaths this Wednesday more than doubled that of Tuesday (309) and almost quadrupled that of Monday (201), which was attributed to the update of the data in a week that began with a public holiday in Brazil.

Usually the statistics Weekends and holidays are reduced in Brazil due to the lower number of officials dedicated to the registration of deaths and infections.

Daily deaths

In any case, the number of deaths this Wednesday was the highest in the last eight days, only surpassed by the 819 registered on Tuesday of last week, and interrupted a strong trend of fall in deaths in the last week, from the 734 recorded on Wednesday of last week to 201 on Monday and 309 on Tuesday.

Despite the increase on Wednesday, the average number of deaths in the last 14 days continued its downward trend and confirmed that Brazil is heading towards a stabilization of the pandemic.

He daily average deaths In the last 14 days, it gradually fell more than one hundred units in just over a week, from 670.43 on Monday of last week to 576.93 on Tuesday of this week and, despite the rebound in deaths today, it maintained its trend the decline and stood at 556.79 this Wednesday.

Numbers improve

This is the lowest average in the last five months, since the mean of 547.5 deaths registered on May 13, and which represents a great advance for a country that for almost two months, from June 19 to August 14, registered an average of deaths from COVID-19 of more than 1,000.

In its daily bulletin, the Health portfolio also reported that 4,568,813 patients recovered and they were discharged, which is equivalent to 88.9% of the total infected, while another 420,303 (8.2%) are still under medical supervision.

With 97% of those infected already recovered or under treatment, the rate of lethality of the disease It is close to 3% in Brazil, where the mortality rate from COVID-19 is 72.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the incidence of infections is 2,446.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

“Oversized” pandemic

Despite these high rates, the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, insisted on Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic has been “oversized” in the country.

“We entered 2020 and we had the problem of the pandemic which, in my understanding, was oversized“said the far-right leader in a videoconference with businessmen.

According to the ruler, if the Government and “part of the business community” had accepted “the stay at home, that the economy comes later, “Brazil” would certainly be in a rather complicated situation. “To the long list of authorities who have contracted the disease in Brazil, Judge José Antonio Dias Toffoli, former president of the Supreme Court, joined on Tuesday.



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