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Brazil registered 363 deaths from new coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths close to 136,000, while the number of infected exceeded 4.54 million, the Government reported this Sunday.

According to the most recent bulletin of the Ministry of Health, in the last day 16,389 people were infected with the virus, reaching a total of 4,544,629 confirmed cases. However, the figures may be higher, since three Brazilian states – Tocantins, Roraima and Amapá – did not update the data and 2,316 deaths are under investigation.

On Sundays, in general, the numbers tend to decrease, because during the weekend there are fewer officials in charge of registering cases. The death toll due to the virus this Sunday is the second lowest registered so far, behind the 310 deaths recorded last Sunday.

Encouraging figures

Statistics from the last few weeks show that pandemic has begun to give truce in Brazil – albeit timidly – a country inhabited by some 212 million people.

The South American giant has reported this week, on average, about 800 deaths and about 30,000 daily infections, with stability in most of the country’s states, although with new trends of increase in Rio de Janeiro where the figures have grown consecutively in the last three days.

Pernambuco had also registered a rise this Saturday but indicated that the increase was due to technical adjustments to the figures that affected the moving average of the past week. The South American giant is the second most affected country by COVID-19, only behind the United States, and the third in number of infections after India.



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