Applications and video games to celebrate Halloween from home

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Without the mass gatherings, the most terrifying night of the year will pass through cell phones, tablets and consoles.

Every time there is less until October 31 and with it a special Halloween celebration, but due to the coronavirus pandemic it will be lived differently. Traditions such as “trick or treating” or mass costume parties will have to adapt to reduce any risk of contagion from Covid-19.

In this sense, digital tools become great allies at this time, since they allow users to celebrate Halloween more safely: from online video games with special themes and content to social networks with ghostly filters for these dates.

Beyond video games and web pages, a technological tool that can help plan a different Halloween are digital assistants, such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa.

In the case of Google Artificial Intelligence, the voice commands can help to configure tasks such as buying sweets for this night or even consult recipes of typical sweets of these dates, such as the bones of saint or the Mexican bread of the dead.

As recommended by Google, this software can also be used to search YouTube videos, for example, so that the members of the house discover new ways to make up like ghosts.

To make it easier to follow the steps they can also be used smart devices with display like Google’s Nest, Facebook Portal or Amazon’s Echo Show.

Giving the house a gloomy atmosphere is usually one of the main Halloween entertainments. To complete the traditional pumpkins and decorations, the command “Hey Google, get spooky” (‘scare me’, in Spanish) allows you to use Nest smart speakers to play a list of lugubrious sounds for an hour.

Gaming can also be a good way to entertain yourself this Halloween, either by playing horror titles or other games that add thematic content set on this date.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It may not be the scariest, but this video game for Switch, which has become one of the most successful this yearYou don’t want to miss out on Halloween with features like growing pumpkins, getting gifts, or dressing up for the occasion.

In addition, this game that already transcends the digital world – it has even been used in political campaigns and fashion shows during the quarantine – will have a party on the 31st that will bring together neighbors and a nNew character: Soponcio, which will provide “spooky” rewards.

The Nintendo title isn’t the only game that has released Halloween-themed content, and as usual, Pokémon GO features a special event with more ghost-type pokémon, as well as special investigation and online battles; while Dreams recently debuted the Halloween season with #AllHallowsDreams, with access to the “Haunted House” and “The Pumpkin Garden” levels.

Social networks also took the opportunity to add thematic content set on Halloween for their users to use during this day and the previous dates.

One of these example is Snapchat, which has launched a series of special filters for Halloween, for example one that makes up users and ends up giving scares and even a specific one so that pets also have a more terrifying appearance.

Snapchat filters can also be used for users of the social network to disguise themselves virtually. Some ideas for these digital costumes are flaming skulls, cyclops, clowns, vampires, pumpkins, and even a lens inspired by the movie Coraline.

TikTok is another of the most popular social networks today, with its short music video format and its way of discovering new content. The platform was not left behind and launched the TikTok House of Terror, a week with content and special filters for this date.

The platform promised to scare users through the content of popular creators, and until Sunday, November 1, it will use five thematic ‘hashtags’ and ten new filters created specifically for the occasion.


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