Apple could be preparing one of the most interesting movements of recent months in the technology industry, and that is as revealed by the Financial Times, The Cupertino firm is working on creating its new search engine, which could initially be included in the iPhone, although it could well be integrated into all the company’s products.

Apple has been using the Google tool as a search engine for years, in fact, it is already public knowledge that Google pays millions of dollars a year to Apple so that its search engine is established by default on the company’s phones, a situation that has brought problems to Google, as these types of actions are considered anti-competitive practices, and have led the United States government to investigate Google for monopolistic practices.

In fact, these latest lawsuits and accusations that Google has had both in the European Union and in the United States are what could have prompted Apple to create its own browser, as the company is also being investigated for monopolistic practices.

Google lost Huawei, now it could lose Apple

Although the situation with Huawei was forced by the United States government, Google took a heavy blow by not being able to allow Huawei to use Google services, including its search engine. It is true that the Google search engine can be used on a Huawei phone through the browser, but the search engine built into the phone cannot be Google’s, which has led Huawei to develop Petal Serch, which not only works for users to easily find their favorite apps and install them, but it is also getting more and more features to become the default browser on all Huawei products.

Huawei is currently one of the 2 manufacturers that sells the most smartphones in the world, so Google has lost a good share of users who used its search engine and therefore generated data that the company could continue to use to improve advertising and generate more income .

If Apple launches its own search engine it would be a fact that this would be the one that is included by default on their phones, iPad, and Safari, although the company probably also allows users to change the search engine on their devices, however, it is likely that Apple uses the privacy argument to convince its users to bet on its search engine instead of using the Google option.

When will this Apple search engine arrive?

So far the company has not made official that it is actually working on a search engine, but there are some things that make us think that it is. One of these possible tests is that there are jobs at Apple whose description says they need engineers to define and implement the architecture of Apple’s revolutionary search technology.

A few days ago, the purchase of Vilnyx, a Spanish stratup specialized in artificial intelligence for searching videos on the Internet, was made official, so Apple is slowly moving to make a search engine on the Internet a reality.