Apple noted that it will reduce the cost of its chargers and headphones after making the decision not to include them in the new family of iPhone 12.

Rumors indicated that the company would stop selling its mobile devices with such accessories, until Apple made it official, confirming that the new iPhone 12 will not include a charger or headphones.

In accordance with Apple, this decision is based on the existence of 700 million EarPods with connector lightning, in a scenario in which more than a few users continue to make the leap to wireless headphones, while there are also more than 2 billion chargers.

The company thinks that users do not need such add-ons because, apparently, they already have them. Furthermore, another of the arguments of Apple is that, without these elements, the boxes of the iPhone now they will be smaller and lighter, which could not only reduce costs, but also the polluting effects of their transport and distribution around the world.

This is what Apple will give you when you buy any iPhone 12

Apple explained that he would remove the headphones EarPod cabled and wall chargers from the iPhone and that the only accessory included in the box is a USB-C cable to lightning. The company says this will allow it to ship more devices on a single pallet.

Thus, the chargers e EarPods They will only be available as separate purchases, which has sparked a lot of controversy, since users say that, in addition to having to buy the equipment, they will have to spend more money on these accessories.

As an answer to that, Apple you have decided to lower the prices of such accessories and now they will be less expensive than they used to be. A game of EarPods with a connector lightning now it costs $ 19; that is, it has a discount of 10 dollars in relation to its previous price.

Additionally, Apple has introduced a new $ 19 20W power adapter, discontinuing the previous $ 29 18W charger.

However, buying both would mean paying an additional 38 dollars (approximately 800 Mexican pesos) in addition to what is already being paid for the iPhone 12.

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