Apple sues Fortnite maker, accuses developer of theft

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Apple has FortniteDeveloper Epic Games sued. The company refused to pay commission through the App Store, according to Apple, while taking benefits from the app store.

Apple en Epic Games in de clinch

In the indictment, Apple accuses Epic Games of theft by its own payment system in the Fortniteapp. With this, Epic bypassed the payment rules of the App Store. The rules state that developers must give up 30 percent of digital purchases to Apple.

“Epic’s serious breaches of contractual obligations and other misconduct has seriously harmed Apple,” Apple writes in the indictment. “With this, the company threatens the entire iOS ecosystem and its value to customers.”

According to Apple, Epic has benefited greatly from promotion of Fortnite via the App Store. The game is said to have earned more than 600 million dollars (509 million euros) on iOS.

Apple is asking a court in California to determine that Epic Games is guilty of a violation of the App Store rules. The company is also asking for compensation.

Epic Games sued Apple in August, after the company Fortnite removed from its app store for adding its own payment system. Epic accuses Apple of abuse of power and wants to enforce through the courts that the rules of the App Store are amended. The company calls the 30 percent commission much too high.

Apple called it “regrettable” that the game company was breaking the rules. According to Apple, those rules are there to keep users safe. Running payments through the App Store would reduce the chances of scams or other issues.

Epic can respond to Apple’s charges until September 18. A hearing will take place on September 28.



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