Apple Pay is a mobile payment service created by Apple which was presented at a conference in 2014. After 6 years of existence, it seems that this payment system will finally be available in Mexico.

This service works with the devices of Apple and its objective is to allow users to make secure and contactless purchases in stores, apps and websites.

With Apple Pay, users can buy from a iPhone or a Apple Watch. In fact, the launch of this service was originally planned to iPhone 6 Y iPhone 6 Plus and, in early 2015, to Apple Watch and to iPad Air 2 Y iPad Mini 3.

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Why is Apple Pay important?

In accordance with Apple, this payment system is a safer way to avoid, as much as possible, touching buttons or exchanging cash.

Apple Pay used to buy apps and games within the App Store, but it could also work to pay for a transport service, food delivery or a garment that you have found online.

And not only that, but Apple has strong intentions to unify all its services, so Apple Pay, under that logic, it could also work for subscriptions of Apple Music The Apple Arcade.

While we do not yet have details of the exact arrival date of Apple Pay, at least we already have a Official site in which the operation of this system is detailed, which makes us think that it is close to landing in Mexico.

The company places special emphasis on the security of every transaction.

«When you make a purchase, Apple Pay use a specific device number and unique transaction code. In this way, the card number is never stored on the device, nor on Apple’s servers. And in addition, Apple does not share it with businesses either, “says the company through its official website.

In accordance with Apple, this service works with credit and debit cards such as American Express, Mastercard Y VISA.

We will keep abreast of its official deployment, but, within the framework of the presentation of your new generation of iPhone 12It seems that we are not very far from his arrival; Apple Pay could come to accompany this new range of devices.

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And you… What online payment method do you prefer?