Apple no longer sells competitor headphones and speakers

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Apple has stopped selling headphones and speakers made by competitors. That reports Bloomberg based on research.

Deleted audio products compete with AirPods

For years Apple sold audio equipment from companies such as Sonos, Bose and Logitech in its physical stores and online store. The products are said to have been removed there. Personnel are instructed to remove any remaining speakers from the shelves.

A reason for the sales stop has not been given. An Apple spokesperson tells Bloomberg that changes are regularly made to the range of shops. Bose confirmed that their products are no longer offered at Apple.

Sonos’ stock plummeted 7 percent after the Apple sales freeze was announced.

Apple itself makes more and more audio products that compete directly with the equipment that has been removed from the stores. For example, Apple produces wireless AirPods earplugs. The smart HomePod speaker is also available abroad.

Apple subsidiary Beats makes headphones that are still available in stores. According to rumors, the tech giant is also about to unveil its own headphones.



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