Apple has plans to innovate in the world of flexible screen flagships

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Apple It has not yet presented its iPhone 12 but it is expected that all of them have support for 5G connectivity. A technology that began to be in vogue in mid-2019 and for which the company with the forbidden apple would be arriving a year late. But now Apple patents a flexible display made of regenerable material and that’s good news.

The world of foldables It currently has two exponents of special relevance: Samsung with its different Folds and Motorola with its classic RAZR series that was revived and deposited again in the Olympus of smartphones that inspire new designs – the Galaxy Z Flip was one of them . Well, now it’s Apple’s turn to innovate.

Detalles del display regenerable de Apple

Apple has received a patent for a regenerable display that it says will be used in flexible devices. And although this is not a confirmation of any device, it is a declaration of intent: the North American company is thinking of participating in the market for foldables in the medium to long term future.

A company like Apple, used to constant innovation and being a leader in all the markets in which it participates, what is original about it to contribute to the world of foldables? Well, if your patent succeeds, it is a screen covered by a film of regenerable material or self-healing as it appears indexed in the official document.

In its information date, Apple has said that, typically, flexible screen displays are composed of flat and rigid substrates and that makes it easier for the entry of dust particles and other small materials to irreversibly damage the screen if they leak through the hinge. That is why Apple wants to cover its display in regenerable material.

And how exactly does this regenerable material work? Well, Apple has not specified it, but they are thinking about it happening during some process of incorporation of heat, presence of electricity, etc. Everything indicates that this screen could be repaired while we charge our smartphone.

Apple patents a flexible display of regenerable material after having experimented with a screen that, with the use of constant heat, prevented the damage instead of encouraging its regeneration. We do not have a certain debut date for this technology at all, but everything indicates that we are not far from seeing a flexible iPhone.

Via: Patently Apple


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