Many expected the launch event for the new iPhone series to take place in October due to the pandemic, which affected the company’s production line in Cupertino this year, but Apple does not seem ready to give up the traditional launch from September, announcing today an event scheduled in just one week.

The presentation will therefore take place on September 15, from 10:00 local time (20:00 Romanian time). As in the case of WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), we will have a virtual event, and probably one that will be pre-recorded, filmed of course in the Steve Jobs Theater.

Unlike other years, there is no slogan that gives any indication of the products that will be launched. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube, the Apple website and the Apple TV app.

As for the announcements we’re waiting for, these are pretty clear: the new series of iPhones, which will most likely consist of 3 5G models: one 5.4-inch, one 6.1-inch and one 6.7 inches, differentiated from available cameras. We also expect the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 6 and an announcement for the launch of the latest updates for the company’s Cupertino software.

UPDATE: Although it initially seemed that the event will feature the new series of iPhones, it seems that Apple has added the slogan “Time Flies”, which indicates that it will focus more on the Apple Watch Series 6.