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The controversy over the power of the Apple and Google app stores About the developers of the products they offer has just raised a level with Apple’s veto of the Fortnite app, which was withdrawn this Thursday from the App Store platform, and a few hours later Google has done the same from its Play Store. Fortnite It currently has about 350 million active accounts, the majority on mobile.

The reason is a legal dispute, with lawsuits included, because Epic Games, the video game distributor and one of the most powerful on the market, has implemented its own micro-payment system in the application, which, according to Apple, violates the standards that the products it offers must be subject to. Google, hours later, has done the same and with an almost identical argument of the violation of norms, according to the technology website The Verge.

Users who already have the application installed will be able to continue playing it, but not install the updates.

Fortnite, In an update released this Thursday, it intended that users, when buying a resource in the game, could choose whether to pay directly to Epic or to do so through their Apple or Google account, which is a commission for companies from 30 % of the incomes.


Epic Games filed a lawsuit in the California courts last night (Spanish time) that directly accuses Apple of monopolizing the market for the distribution of applications for its phone and, therefore, of going against the free market. And he goes on to affirm that Apple can’t wait for 2020 to turn into 1984, in reference to Orwell’s work but also to the most famous advertisement of the multinational Mac, which launched its slogan “Think Different” with a precisely Orwellian simulation. Now you could extend it to the search engine company.

In addition, they have allowed themselves to launch a video-parody comparing the two ads and a campaign on social networks to make their users believe that if Apple lets them charge them, the game could be free, which is difficult to believe because Apple and Google they do not put problems in having free applications.

This Friday, Epic’s lawyers have announced another lawsuit in terms very similar to Google also for the withdrawal of the Play Store.

The lawsuit, for market abuse, which is not a minor issue in the US, could be, if not withdrawn, one of the great litigations of the current technology industry. Apple maintains that it is willing to negotiate, but that Epic Games is not going to break the rules that everyone else follows. Google believes that “although it is an open environment”, sellers have to stick to its rules. Games are one of the most powerful categories in the mobile app stores. Right now, the Fortnite app is only available on the Epic Games website and on consoles.

Fortnite exploits the ‘freemium’ business model, which allows free play but tempts the user to pay to get more resources or advances in the game. The video game is currently the highest grossing game in the industry, with more than $ 1.8 billion in revenue last year alone.



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