Applause and laments from the Middle East for Biden’s victory

Not only United States has remained in suspense before its electoral results. Thousands of miles away, leaders from the region of Middle east They’ve been paying attention to these exceptional elections all week. The victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has resulted in a triumph celebrated by a hopeful Iran while the laments for the departure of Trump come from Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Turkey. Netanyahu, who described the Republican as “the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House,” leads the duel in the region.

From the different presidential residences of the Middle East, they have arrived congratulatory messages towards the new president of the United States. The speed of publication seems to indicate the enthusiasm level towards change. “I hope to work with both [Biden y Harris] for beef up even more the special alliance between the US and Israel “, it took to tweet the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu immediately appreciated “his friendship” a Trump por “recognize Jerusalem and the Golan, for the resistance to Iran, for the historic peace accords and for elevating the historic American-Israeli alliance to unprecedented peaks “.

With the march of the republican, Bibi lose your most faithful ally. While his legislature is constantly questioned in the streets who have been claiming their resignation, the triumphs in international policy with the normalization agreements with Arab countries mediated by Trump brought some legitimacy to the Israeli leader. Pacts that Biden has celebrated and committed to enlarge. And although the palestinians have been buried for years with their hopes, opposition From the Democrat to the annexation of the West Bank and the expansion of settlements sheds some light.

Iran expects a change

The ayatollah, meanwhile, have supported Biden throughout the campaign since he announced the recovery of the Obama nuclear deal, from which Trump withdrew in the 2018. “I hope we see a change in destructive US policies, a return to the rule of law and international obligations and respect for nations, “said the Iranian vice president, Eshagh Jahangiri, after knowing the news. An Iran drowned by US sanctions and their dire economic consequences he sees in Biden a necessary change for his population.

He too “Trump’s favorite dictator, Egyptian President Abdelfatah Al-Sisi, has congratulated his new American counterpart. He has been critical of Trump’s support for the authoritarian Sisi, entrenched in power after a coup in 2013. Away from Obama’s speeches in defense of the democracy in the region, Trump has used his four-year tenure to support oppressive regimes against activists and journalists. Since Egypt until Saudi Arabia, the no respect for human rights it has not been an impediment for the outgoing president to create and strengthen alliances.

Yemen War

“I will defend the right of activists, political dissidents and journalists around the world to say what they think freely without fear of persecution and violence “, declared Biden on the anniversary of the murder of the Saudi journalist Samal Khashoggi this past october. In the face of Trump’s indifferent look at the Saudi attacks on freedom of expression and imprisonment of feminist activists, Biden introduces himself as a shy change in the gulf. After criticizing the “dangerous blank check“From Trump to Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, has defended “ordering a reassessment of our relationship” with the Saudi monarchy.

In turn, Biden has promised the end of US support to the Saudi campaign against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. For five years, this war has consumed a famished population and has swept away tens of thousands of people. Few believe Biden’s words regarding this conflict since it was during his tenure as vice president during the Obama administration when the arms sale to the Saudi monarchy, always in constant violation of human rights outside and within its borders.

Turkish silence

On his side, the silence of Turkey when the victory of Biden has been noticed. The Democrat has repeatedly announced his intention to toughen America’s stance toward President Recep Tayyip’s military interventions Erdogan and his close cooperation with the Russia of Putin.

After all, those who suffer the most from the past and current American interventions in the region are their people. In the Middle East, the population lives drowned between economical crisis, high numbers of youth unemployment and massive but unsuccessful anti-government protests. Biden’s arrival at the White House, another white male over 70, has not been noticed in streets worn by the imperialist policy imposed from their offices.



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