Appeal for donations scares her fans

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26. November

Iris Abel: Fans scared of her sight

Finally a sign of life from “Bauer sucht Frau” star Iris Abel. After several weeks in which she had not shown herself in public, Iris Abel is now back on Instagram. With an appeal for donations. The former “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate wanted to draw attention to the RTL donation marathon with a short clip, but the fans noticed something completely different.

Many express concern about Iris’s appearance. “Hadn’t recognized them at all,” write some. Others go even further and write that Iris looks “mega bad” and “very tired”. “Aged by years,” judges one follower, another claims to have found the reason for it: “I don’t mean it, but you no longer look healthy. Losing weight wasn’t good for you, at least not that much.” She is referring to the gastric bypass operation that Iris had performed in June 2019. With that she has already lost over 30 kilos – too much, according to her fans. But the former “farmer seeks wife” candidate shouldn’t be unsettled by such negative comments, after all she is cheerful and still happy with her farmer Uwe.

25. November

Michael Wendler continues to see Donald Trump as the winner

He doesn’t want to be confused. Michael Wendler, 48, is still firmly convinced that Donald Trump, 74, won the US election. After the outgoing president himself had long refused to accept his defeat, he rowed back and now explained on Twitter that he had instructed his team to organize the handover to his successor Joe Biden, 78. Comedian Oliver Pocher, 42, commented on Trump’s recent actions in the usual pointed manner: “Now only Wendler has to agree.” But he remains stubborn. At the flick of the comedian, the American by choice replied: “Mr. Pocher (King of Mobbing), when will you finally understand that Biden is not or will ever be president?” The 48-year-old just doesn’t seem to want to see that his controversial statements on the net are slowly becoming ridiculous.

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