Anuel AA has been without a doubt one of the great musicians of this 2020. Thanks to your album Emmanuel, the Puerto Rican has won the applause of fans around the globe. However, it seems that the artist is not happy with what he does due to deep depression.

The singer posted a song on his Instagram account before starting the awards ceremony in which he performed. In this a freestyle in which Anuel AA talks openly about depression, unhappiness, and withdrawal from the music world. The song set off all the alarms among his followers, who wondered about the possibility that he was considering leaving music.

As the musician himself explains in the lyrics of this new song, the singer I would be going through a bad time due to various reasons, between them, his supposed breakup with his girlfriend Karol G. In the song you can see several connections with some reference to this and the end of their relationship. “Without you I don’t feel well (…) Living and dead inside (…) Before there were two of us and now we are three, with your photo on the wall, I fell in love with loneliness …”, he intones the interpreter of Until God says.

Also in this has a space dedicated to your child that you ensure that you do not have time to see. “My son doesn’t want me to sing, he wants me to be with him, that’s why I’m going to retire because more than he suffers,” the Puerto Rican alleges.

I don’t even want to sing anymore, I already want to retire, and I never forget the beginning but this is the end“, says Anuel in another of the verses that seems to anticipate the end of the singer on stage.

Even though the urban artist has not ruled on whether or not this declaration of intent will eventually go through a withdrawal of the stages, maybe yesterday’s was the artist’s last performance in a while.