Vocalist Antti tuisku, 36, recently posted an exceptional image on his Instagram account. Along with the picture, he published a touching text in which he addresses himself as a child.

– This is little Antti. Life ahead, dreams and dreams mind full. The desire to do things that produce feelings of joy and happiness. Fulfillment. Some of those things are already clear, some are waiting for the future. As a brake on this path, people who bully experience these ambitions as unnecessarily different. Deviating from the mainstream. Insist Antti. Don’t be discouraged, Tuisku writes.

Tuisku says he is shocked by the cases of bullying he has recently read in the papers. In his update, he encourages everyone to stop bullying, stop belittling the matter, and stop turning their heads when they face bullying.

– And when you could imagine that people today would be able to better understand what exclusion, mental and physical bullying causes. But clearly not. The news of school bullying is shocking and mind-boggling to read.

– I also call this to the whole fan community: let’s set an example together! This applies to all of us! Tuisku sums up in his upgrade.

Tuisku’s fans have warmly received an important update from the artist.

– Lovely Antti! And this text. Important topic, good writing. Oh If the bullies understood what the consequences could be for the rest of their lives, thank you for taking a stand and intervening, one follower writes an update in the comment field.

– Maybe a tear. Current and so touching writing. And Antti as a child, I may not be able to, another writes.

– Fine writing Antti, the third states.