Antti Törmänen coronavirus infection was diagnosed in March, and in the summer the Swiss club EHC Biel-Bienne reported that Törmänen had been diagnosed with cancer.

Now Törmänen has shared his thoughts To the Berner-Zeitung website. He returned all the way to the coronavirus infection.

“This disease can be fatal”

Törmänen suffered from breathing difficulties, dry throat, fever and headache due to coronary infection. He fell ill for five days.

The collar’s wife Minna suffered more from the disease, as he was hospitalized in Biel and was in a rehabilitation clinic for several weeks. Even now in October, Minna’s wife’s symptoms have not completely disappeared.

– For many, it’s harmless. But this disease can lead to death, Törmänen says.

The collision’s well-being improved after quarantine. He was tinkering in the garden, cycling trips and strength training seemed easy. Only stomach problems bothered me.

Eating was challenging in the evenings, which was associated with reflux symptoms. Törmänen felt swelling in the abdomen and thought it was a hernia. But he could not go to the examinations because his wife’s state of health was difficult and his son’s Aaro and Henrik attended homeschooling.


In June, Törmänen got into the research. In another consultation, doctors found gallstones. His gallbladder was removed.

The doctor called on July 9 and said he would stop the information.

– Could you come here at 4pm? You have cancer, gallbladder cancer.

Törmänen faced the biggest challenge of his life. The feeling was surreal. She felt something was wrong with her stomach, but the cancer hadn’t caught my mind at any point.

– My knees and back have been cut, which forced me to stop. But now I am fighting for my life and our existence as a family.

In surgery, part of the liver and lymph nodes were removed from the collision.

– I accept the physical aspect. But when I see the burden that my wife, children, and employer carry, it hurts. As a father, I don’t want to hide everything from my children, but I don’t want to look weak every time.

When Törmänen leaves the family house, the boys often ask Mina: does Dad get better, does his hair fall out due to chemotherapy.

Continue to play home matches

According to the Berner-Zeitung website, gallbladder cancer affects about 300 people in Switzerland every year. Two-thirds of patients are 70 years of age or older at the time of diagnosis. If symptoms appear late, gallbladder cancer has usually had time to spread. If the tumor has spread, the chances of recovery are slim.

Törmänen has gone on chemotherapy. He remembers the body’s reaction to the first treatment.

– I was sleepy, I hit my leg with my hand because I felt a bug. Then I felt ants crawling up my feet.

However, two and a half months of treatment is over. Törmänen has a catheter on the right side of the chest that allows access to a vein from outside the body.

Törmänen has felt nauseous after the treatments. He has been hungry but has not wanted to eat. His new good friend is natural yogurt with berries. It has helped.

Törmänen is able to cycle and walk, and his condition has improved. He still attends his team’s home games despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Törmänen has been coaching the Biel-Biennale since the 2017-18 season.

Before going to bed, he visualizes in his mind how to beat cancer, return to work as a coach, and can be a father to his sons.