Vocalist Antti Railio, 36, put his life under renovation in the summer in Nelonen’s Biggest Dropper.

The singer in better shape will be seen at the autumn gigs. With the program, Antti wanted to put a stop to yo-yoing.

– The soul is lighter, the body is lighter. Now I can treat myself more mercifully, I don’t paint devils on my shoulders. If there’s ever that feeling of wanting a pizza or a burger, then I’ll take it. The main thing is that the everyday food is nutritious and good for yourself, Antti Railio describes.

Railio had previously lost 80 pounds, which came back in a year and a half 60.

– In the hurry of everyday life, the head is put to the test. Last time on my long tour, I suddenly woke up that the shirt couldn’t fit. It became a terrible head of hell and shame when I was gaining weight. I thought for a moment that I could no longer go to the gym.

The starting situation when participating in the Biggest Dropper program was 194.4 pounds, from which he left as a coach Janni Hussin | with instructions to shed pounds. The most important thing was to bring change to everyday life.

The singer says she has learned a regular lifestyle.

A change in everyday life

Burgers have recently switched to curd and pineapple.

According to Railion, food is an addiction for him and you have to learn to live with it.

– I have to be extremely careful about what I eat. However, I have also noticed that in tonnes, leaving a good diet and workout, he says.

– Food generally sticks to my body more easily and there is swelling. As an example, there was one night when I took the most and drank some wine. In the morning, the scale looked 4 pounds more, he says.

Railio told the program about his morbid relationship with food.

– I have eaten sorrow, joy, but otherwise – has always been a good reason to eat. I got rid of this when I got it in my head that food is fuel. Food has brought content to my life. With sugars and carbohydrates, you easily get into a spiral where you are always tired and asleep.

Dietary remedies have not taken away the fact that food could not taste good. Railio is a good cook and he says he learned how to cook tasty food from healthy ingredients.

– With the Biggest Dropper, you feel different and your level of endurance is better. The program brought me back what was already in my hands and what I had previously let go of. I believe that I have found the way to achieve my goal.