Antoniou: “150 million euros the cost of construction of the new Toumba – To be ready in 2026” | NBA

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The head of the prime minister’s office in Thessaloniki, Maria Antoniou, was hosted on a radio station in Thessaloniki and spoke about the construction of the new Toumba, the delay of the works in Kaftanzogleio, but also about the concession of Alexandrios to Aris.

In detail what he said:

For the work of the new Toumba and its importance:

“The issue of the new Toumba stadium concerns the whole of Thessaloniki. It will give another complexion to the whole area. It consists mainly of the stadium and accompanying projects that will give development throughout the area of ​​Toumba. The good news is that we are moving forward in a coordinated way. We have set the bar high. In the meeting we discussed this issue and all the issues that concern the part of sports in all its aspects “.

For the request for the use of Kaftanzogleio by PAOK on the same terms as used by OAKA, AEK and Panathinaikos:

“Discussions have taken place, we have been in this conversation for a long time. In Kaftantzoglio, as stated by the Undersecretary, the work that was delayed is progressing. We have given weight to this. When we enter the process of a presidential decree for the stadium of PAOK, there is the issue of conceding Kaftanzogleio to PAOK for as long as the new stadium is possible, so that PAOK can play there. Work is needed for Kaftanzogleio to host the corresponding sports events.

We already have some things as a government according to the data. In coordination with the bodies of PAOK and the competent ministries, we are discussing the ways in which the existing request can be realized and all the necessary projects can be done. We are not yet able to give anything more specific. An effort is made by everyone so that Kaftanzogleio has the appropriate infrastructure and PAOK hosts at the Champions League level the corresponding events for the construction period of the new stadium “.

For the delay of works in Kaftanzogleio:

“The truth is that some infrastructure that was planned was delayed. The competent minister has taken responsibility for the implementation of the projects. We are coordinated to complete the projects and the appropriate infrastructure. And PAOK is coordinated for this effort “.

For the schedule of the new stadium and the phase it is in:

“We are in the phase of giving an opinion to all the ministries. Land uses. The request from PAOK from the Ministry of Culture has already been passed since last Tuesday. We also had a meeting at the Infrastructure for undergrounding, in order to change the area and change it to become more friendly to the residents and those who visit the stadium.

We are in the approval of the environmental department to pass after the central council and then to take flesh and blood the special spatial and to issue the presidential decree. We estimate April to May 2021. That is the goal. At the same time we will go into specializations to see the image that the region will have after the approval and the presidential decree.

I want to say that there is a cost of construction of the stadium 150 million euros and we estimate the construction time according to current data 3 to 3.5 years. Our goal is for PAOK in 100 years in 2026 to play in its new stadium. It is a political will to help in the renovation and construction of the stadium to find the best solution for the good of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

Such a stadium hosts various events and creates a development pillar. We know about the budget. We are talking about a special spatial plan. “

For the capacity and details of the stadium:

“It simply came to our notice then. An effort is being made with the data that the services will provide us and they will not create problems until the approval of the presidential decree “.

For the concession of Alexandria to Mars:

“There was a discussion on this issue as well. For facilities, teams in general. There is political will from us. We are trying to find the best solution to this with the leadership of Mars “.


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