Antonio Giovinazzi: I have no news about the future

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Antonio Giovinazzi’s contract with Alfa Romeo expires at the end of the season. In the paddock, they are actively discussing the possible replacement of the Italian driver with one of the participants of the Ferrari Academy, but Antonio himself prefers not to pay attention to rumors.

Antonio Giovinazzi: “I am satisfied with my work this season, but I still have no news about the future. I must continue to give my best – we’ll see what decision will be made. The season is not over yet – there are eight races ahead. For my part, I do everything in my power

In the remaining races, we want to make the car better in all areas – this is what the team is doing. It’s not so easy to play even the tenth, but step by step the car is getting better, especially in comparison with the first race of the season. We must continue to work in the same vein.

Our next goal is to close the gap with the middle group and catch up with AlphaTauri, which is currently far ahead of us. ”



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