Anthony Hamilton Lewis enjoys every race

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Having won the Eifel Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton caught up in the number of victories with Michael Schumacher. Anthony Hamilton said he was proud of his son …

Q: How did you feel when you watched the Eifel Grand Prix?
Anthony Hamilton: I was very worried. Lewis has achieved a fantastic result. We are all very happy.

Q: Mick Schumacher gave Lewis one of his father’s helmets – this gesture says a lot about the Schumacher family, given what they had to face …
Anthony Hamilton: It is an honor for us to receive such a gift from the hands of Mick Schumacher, it is a pity that Michael is not around. As Lewis said, we watched so many races with the participation of Michael, and he was guided by him, so it would be great if Michael was present at this moment. We wish him all the best.

Q: Having caught up with Schumacher, Lewis remembered where he started. In those days, you traveled together around the country and around the world. Sport taught him discipline – was it she who helped him achieve such success?
Anthony Hamilton: Sure. I thought about it this morning. Lewis and I have been on the road to success for 30 years. The early years in motorsport had the greatest impact on Lewis, playing an important role in his achievements. To be honest, nothing has changed since then, apart from the absence of his previous rivals.

Lewis and I treat each race as if it were the first. It is very interesting. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why he continues to achieve great results – he enjoys every race.

Q: It can be seen that Lewis is an ambitious and purposeful person. He is almost never wrong. Is it experience or talent?
Anthony Hamilton: All this is part of the experience that he acquired during his karting days. With age, he becomes wiser and more experienced – and begins to rethink himself. See how he is performing now! Over the past two or three years, he has rethought his approach to racing and piloting, otherwise he works with tires, controls the situation, and this requires talent and patience.

Q: Lewis is not only a great athlete – he became a legend, a role model. Perhaps this was most evident in his involvement in the Black lives matter movement, when he advocated for diversity in motorsport. What do you think of his comments?
Anthony Hamilton: I am very proud of him. We should have done this many years ago, but then there was no opportunity. Now people have the opportunity to speak. In my opinion, it was necessary for the sport – not only for Formula 1. I am proud of my son. Let it be.

Q: How many more races do you think Lewis will win?
Anthony Hamilton: I always tell him: “You would have retired long ago. But if you are in sports, then continue as long as you like it. When you lose interest in this, find yourself some other occupation. ” But I know that Lewis loves Formula 1, he likes to fight and win. And most of all he likes to stand on the podium and hear the Great Britain anthem in his honor.

Q: Did you celebrate Lewis’s victory in Germany?
Anthony Hamilton: I think he drank a glass of wine last night after our conversation when I said that we would open a bottle of champagne. I won’t see him until the Portuguese Grand Prix. Hope to see him next week.



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