Giannis Antetokounmpo has rewritten his name in basketball history after revalidate your MVP title, awarded to the best player of the regular season. Fortunately, the Milwaukee Bucks ‘second-round playoff hit the Heat did not influence the voters’ decision and allowed them to win an award in a historical year for ‘Anteto’.

The Greek has been the undisputed leader of the Bucks who were the champions in the Eastern Conference regular season, with a record of 57 wins and 17 losses. Averaging a double-double per game with 29.5 points and 13.6 rebounds, plus 5.6 assists every game, improving practically all his records compared to last season.

‘The Greek Freak’ has become the third player in history to achieve MVP and DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year) after two other NBA legends did it: Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. He also joins a select club of players who have repeated MVP consecutively, along with Tim Duncan (2002 and 2003), Steve Nash (2005 and 2006), LeBron James (2009 and 2010, 2012 and 2013) and Stephen Curry (2015 and 2016).

Antetokounmpo undoubtedly led the vote to receive the award with more than 200 point difference with respect to the second, LeBron James (962 to 753). In fact, they were the only two players who received votes for the first position. However, the margin of these votes was also quite wide, with the Greek prevailing by 88 a 16 to the Lakers star, something that did not sit well with the ’23’ and so protested after knowing the results.

LeBron’s anger

“It pissed me off to get only 16 votes out of 101 possible for first place for MVP. That’s what pissed me off more than anything else. I am not saying that the winner does not deserve the MVP. Some things are simply not in my hand“he explained.

“I don’t know to what extent we are watching basketball games or if we are just listening to the narrative.”

LeBron went further and wanted to reflect on the criteria for these awards and the famous “narrative” that the NBA awards. “Let’s go for example to the 2012/13 season, a season in which I had the opportunity to be Best Defender of the Year and MVP in the same season. That year, Marc Gasol received the award for Best Defender, but was in the Second Defensive Quintet. It does not make any sense. It’s like being MVP but being in the second best quintet of the year. “

He also made reference to the awards given this season, specifically to the MIP, the player who has improved the most of the season. “Brandon Ingram has been impressive and I think he is a fair winner, but have you seen how many votes Devonte ‘Graham received? (He received 2) He averaged 4 points last season and this one has reached 18. If that’s not improving, what’s the is it? “, he asks.

“It’s one of those weird things. I do not know to what extent we are watching basketball games or if we are simply listening to the narrative“, he concluded.