Answered five questions about the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

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The new Xbox and PlayStation have both been available in the Netherlands since Thursday. But how do both consoles differ from each other? We answer the questions you asked via NUjij.

What makes both game consoles unique?

The Xbox Series X doesn’t have any brand new exclusive games at the outset, but Game Pass does that. This subscription service gives players access to a catalog of over a hundred games for a fixed amount per month.

Currently, for example, all Halogames, the recently released Star Wars-game Jedi: Fallen Order, various Gears of Wartitles and parts from the Battlefieldseries on it. New games are added regularly. This also includes major titles, such as Halo: Infinite, which has been postponed to next year.

Exclusive games can be played on the PlayStation at the start, such as Demon’s Souls in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. But the console mainly stands out thanks to the controller. The DualSense controller has a new vibration function, which better translates on-screen actions to your hands. For example, in racing games you can feel the differences between driving on grass and driving on asphalt.

The triggers on the back work adaptively. This means that they offer more resistance when you shoot with a bow and arrow, for example. In shooting games, it actually feels like you’re pulling a trigger.

A brand new television is not necessary to use the consoles. But if you want to see the bells and whistles, a television that can handle 4K resolution and HDR is recommended.

If you want to go a step further, you should mainly make sure that your television has an HDMI 2.1 input. This standard makes it possible to display games at 120 frames per second. Incidentally, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are also suitable for 8K resolutions, but those televisions are still far from common.

It is unknown whether the consoles will appear in other colors later on. The Xbox is a fairly sleek black box, but the PlayStation 5 is a real eye-catcher with its black and white design. People who prefer an all-black PlayStation in the room are out of luck for now.

When a console is released, issues can occasionally arise. This time too, complaints have appeared online. For example, crashes have been reported with the Xbox and PlayStation, which meant that the console had to be restarted. With the PS5, these problems mainly occur in rest mode. Sometimes there are also errors in the software. On the Xbox, for example, ‘Quick Resume’ – with which you can quickly switch between different games – does not work well yet. These are problems that both companies will solve as soon as possible.

There are also few new games available. The Xbox has no new exclusive titles, the PlayStation has a few. That is not surprising, because the devices are brand new and the range has yet to be expanded. Many people will therefore not mind waiting a year with the purchase of a new console.

It is possible to play against players on the PlayStation 5 on the PlayStation 4 via backwards compatibility. With that you basically play the same game, but on a different console. The game must be available on both consoles.



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