Janina Fryn with the dance floor is a dancer seen in the new Dancing with the Stars season Anssi Heikkilä, which has sparked a delightful conversation in Some. Among the familiar dancers, the new face has received positive attention.

– What is this Anssi? Oioioi! one Twitter user admired after the first post.

– This ZumbAnss is followed by the whole Kymi! Janina and Anssi’s chemistry works yes, another Twitter user said.

In an interview with Iltalehti, Heikkilä says that he himself noticed that he had become a topic of conversation. He is pleased with the attention he has received.

– There will be positive tricks, nice to read, Heikkilä says.

– That’s nice, you can’t deny it. That would feel bad, can not say, he continues.

However, she hopes the main focus will remain on dancing in the future.

– Let’s go dance first, let’s look at it first, he says.

The public is not excited

Heikkilä, who joined the program as a new dancer, says that she was not excited in advance that she might go public with the program.

– Not for that (excited). You can get good tips from others who have been involved for a long time and who have been in the media for a long time anyway. However, when there has always been public work, that he has done in front of people all the time, it was not scary in itself, Heikkilä says.

But what is the relationship status of an admired new dancer?

– Anssi is married, she says with a twinkle in her eye.

This week Heikkilä will be seen again with Fry on the parquet. Heikkilä promises that there will be an even faster pace.

– I promised a little shaking, so let’s see, Let me shake, Heikkilä thinks.

– And I have a smaller dress, Fry hints.

Dances with the stars on MTV3 on Sundays at 7.30pm.