A few years ago virtual reality gained a lot of popularity among various manufacturers who opted to create their own VR headsets, Oculus, HTC and Google were 3 manufacturers that jumped into this market, however, Google has mentioned that Daydream it no longer has a place in their future plans.

In 2019 the company gave the first announcement that problems were coming for Daydream VR, or at least that things were not going as Google wanted when it announced that the Pixel 4 would not have support for the platform, in fact, no phone of 2019 was certified to use Daydream, and the last premium models that could be used were the Galaxy S9, Note 8, Huawei Mate 9 Pro and the Pixel 3.

Now, the Mountain View company has made it official that Android 11 is the first version of its operating system that does not have support for Daydream, so any phone with this version of Android could present problems if we want to use it with Google’s virtual reality technology.

The problems Google found in Daydream

Virtual reality is still not the technology that many manufacturers expect, however, the path that it seems that brands should follow is the same one that Facebook and HTC have opted for, that is, to create totally independent virtual reality headsets and not they need a phone to work.

In fact, a Google spokesperson explained to Variety that over time they began to notice that virtual reality on smartphones was not going to be a viable long-term solution, in the words of the spokesperson, “Asking people to put their phone in glasses and lose access to applications that worn during the day causes immense friction ”.

This seems to be the main reason why Google has stopped betting on Daydream, so this platform and its application for mobile devices will no longer receive support and all kinds of updates.

The company has made it clear that the applications created for Daydream can still be in the Play Store and can be used on phones certified for Daydream, however, the company makes it clear that its viewer is no longer for sale, so if you have one Daydream glasses and a compatible phone can continue to use the platform, but they will be obsolete later.