Another mess: Juanfer Quintero will not play again until 2021

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The Colombian, still a River footballer, received the work visa from China when it was too late.

Marcelo Gallardo recognized him a couple of weeks ago. “We were sloppy,” admitted the Doll in reference to the departure of Juan Fernando Quintero, one of the jewels of the River team. The coach also admitted that he gave him sports permission to stop training at Núñez’s club despite the fact that the transfer had not been signed with him. Shenzhen from China, something that hasn’t happened yet. The Colombian footballer is in his country, he has already obtained a work visa to settle in China and next week he will travel to undergo a medical examination. However, you will have to wait until 2021 to play.

On September 3, Quintero left the country for Miami and without having closed his signing to the Shenzhen Kaisa. She did so even knowing that to close her hiring she still needed an essential bureaucratic procedure: the work visa, which she obtained in the last hours and will allow her to enter Chinese territory to undergo the medical examination.

But he won’t be able to play. The reason? When the work permit came out, it was too late: the Chinese Super League (CSL) transfer window closed on September 30, leaving the still River footballer without a chance to sign in Asian football until the reopening. Thus, one more chapter was added to a messy transfer It is not known when River will end up charging.

In Núñez they are still expectant. They are waiting for Quintero to be able to at least travel to China and complete medical studies before signing his new contractual relationship, despite the fact that it is already ruled out for this year’s competition. Only once this happens, they will begin to receive the money agreed for the transfer (which in total would leave the club some ten million dollars clean).

What also hurts Quintero at this time is that Shenzhen has its quotas of foreigners covered with the South Korean Song Ju-Hun, Iranian reinforcement Morteza Pouraliganji, Norwegian Be Selnaes, the Colombian Harold Preciado and the Nigerian John Mary. He even had to move the Swiss from his squad Blerim Dzemaili and the Congolese naturalized French Thievy Bifouma, since he is only allowed to score five foreigners. So, in the case of agreeing to your purchase, Juanfer Not only will he have to wait for the market to reopen (FIFA has not yet published the dates and it would be in January next year): he also needs the club, managing for a Hong Kong holding company, to free up another place for him.

There may even be another potential obstacle for the Colombian personally. Starting next year, the Chinese Super League is expected to stipulate new salary caps to maintain internal competitiveness. Something that he had already implemented at the end of 2019, when he imposed a ceiling of 3,000,000 euros for foreign footballers. Will this adjustment affect the salary that Juanfer had been proposed to charge? It was just around 3 million euros for each year of contract.

Meanwhile, Quintero waits in Colombia. There he is very active on social networks. But inactive soccer …



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