Another former Menudo member talks about child abuse: “I understand there were 9 abused members”

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Jonathan Montenegro resigned from the group in 1991 for “psychological, verbal and emotional abuse.” And he broke the silence after the premiere of the series “Get on my motorcycle.”

Jonathan Montenegro, a former member of Menudo, criticized Get on my motorcycle, the series about the musical group that can be seen on Amazon. He did so shortly after René Farrait, another former member of the band, said the production had made him “want to vomit.”

“I had a very short participation in Menudo. But it was forceful because it was the time when we abruptly gave up. That was very important. And it marked a before and after ”, the artist told the newspaper The universal, from Mexico.

And he added: “That they have not consulted any of us to make the series takes away credibility, authenticity, right, because you probably have information from a single version.”

Then, the actor deepened: “If you want to have fun with a fairly fictitious story, perfect, there is the series. But if you want to relate unknown facts, you have to have more responsibility, “he says.

Likewise, Jonathan, who spent nine months in the group, prefers to stay with the “positive”. “It was a great artistic and personal achievement, I do not deny it. I often carry it in my heart, it meant something very great,” he says.

The artist also recalled that, together with Robert Avellanet, Edward Aguilera and Rawi Torres, he resigned in 1991 for “psychological, verbal and emotional abuse.”

“I am the 25th member of the group. And I understand that there were nine members who were sexually abused before my entry, “he shot.

Although he clarified that he did not see any abuse, he did witness “violent moments” with his companions.

“One night I had to lock myself in the bathroom because I saw how a colleague was beaten for something silly. As I said at the beginning, I was not directly abused. I left out of solidarity. I was very young (12 years old) and I thought that could happen to me too. There are situations that cannot be justified … As we say around here: ‘violence is the weapon of those who are not right’ “.

Hours earlier, on Instagram, Farrait had pointed directly to Edgardo Díaz, creator and manager of Menudo, about the new fiction.

“This thing that just came out yesterday on Amazon Prime Video is a comedy far from reality. Tick ​​tock tick tock tick tock… Menudo Family. Get on my motorcycle. The real story is coming. And the good is not exactly more than the bad. Cynical, sick, abusive, son of a bitch. “

The emblematic group emerged in Puerto Rico in 1977, and in the 1980s it achieved worldwide fame, including Argentina, where several fan clubs were formed.

Over time, some of the problems to which the boys were subjected were made public: they were “exploited at work”, with long hours of work, and there were also “strong pressures”, which ended up causing “serious psychological problems”.

Another who raised her voice against the series was one of René’s daughters, Naiomi Farrait, who also uploaded a screenshot of the production trailer on his Instagram account, with the following message: “What a lot of shit! False story down to the last detail, told from the side of a sick and abusive person! And everyone knows! This makes me sick to my stomach. The laws of the universe / karma. No one is an exception. “


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