Another death in rap: rising King Von was killed in a shooting

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The musician was 26 years old, he was a promise of the genre and only a week ago he had released a new album, Welcome to O’Block.

Rapper King Von, one of the promises of the genre, died during a shooting occurred in the parking lot of a nightclub in the city of Atlanta (in the state of Georgia), according to police authorities.

King Von, 26, whose real name was Dayvon Bennett, was with other people at the place where the episode occurred. As a consequence of that, also one of his companions died and four other people were wounded by gunshot wounds, according to a report by the Georgia Federal Police (FBI), in charge of the investigation.

The incident occurred during a discussion between two groups of young people , and later intervened, an off-duty Atlanta police officer working at the nightclub and another officer patrolling near the scene.

They all fired their guns; the police officers, supposedly to stop the shooting, and the crossfire occurred. Two people were arrested after the tragic incident.

“Our investigators believe that King Von was shot during the initial shooting between the two groups of men, before the police responded and try to stop the shooting, “Atlanta police said in a statement.

The rapper was taken to a hospital in a private vehicle, but passed away shortly after, due to the gunshot wounds he had received.

King Von was born in Chicago, but began his career as a rapper after moving to Atlanta in 2018. His first album, released that same year, Crazy Story, It was his cover letter with which he achieved a good impact. In his lyrics, of deep social content, He talked about the experience of young people in gangs, something he knew very well from his childhood.

With rap Von looked for a way out far from that complicated reality, and with the success that he obtained already at the beginning of his career, he worried about sharing it with the people of his native neighborhood in Chicago, whom sent them money to improve their situation. Just a week ago I had posted a new job, Welcome to O-Block, in collaboration with other rappers like Lil Durk, Moneybagg Yo, and Polo G.

Two of his records, Grandson, Vol. 1 Y Levon James, they managed to locate among the best Rythm & Blues and Hip-Hop albums According to the magazine Billboard. His publicist, who was also his longtime friend, described him as “deeply loyal and a man who cared for his people before himself.”

And he added: “He had the desire to escape the gangster mentality and the gangs, that was one of the reasons he moved to Atlanta. Although he did not manage to end his problems. “

In an interview, Von himself explained: “I love Atlanta, because I can live there without problems and that is where there are more rappers. However, I like Chicago more because I have my people there. But the police know me too well in chicago and there are people who don’t like me. “

For his part, Ghazi Shami, the CEO and founder of the record label Empire, who confirmed the death of the rapper, sent him away with pain from his Instagram account: “I woke up with very horrible news this morning: my heart is heavy. Another rising young star left too soon. I pray for your little brother. May God rest your soul. We were just beginning. We have to find a better way. There is too much senseless violence. This has to stop. God help us. #RipKingVon ”.



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