Dmitry Mazepin, who became a billionaire with his chemical company, wanted to buy Force India, the son of Nikita, who was still racing in GP3, on the verge of bankruptcy in the summer of 2018, but slipped off the deal. also provided a permanent F1 meeting.

The Italian edition of Motorsport knows Mazepin now looked like Haast. Although with the signing of the Concorde deal, the U.S. team committed to participating in F1, given the poor performance of the past two seasons, it wouldn’t be surprising if founder-owner Gene Haas decided to sell.

Motorsport adds that Mazepin’s check-in also halted racing negotiations, with negotiations with Sergio Perez looking for an F1 sequel froze until the issue is resolved.

It would be a cruel grimace of fate for the Mexican driver to be pushed out by another billionaire racing dad after Racing Point owner Stroll sent him for Sebastian Vettel two years before his contract expired, however, it is worth noting that Formula 2 The promotion of Mazepin F1, who was brave in 2006, is not guaranteed even if the dad buys a team for him, as the 21-year-old currently has only 30 points out of the 40 required for a super license, It ranks 6th. If you slip backwards in the Bahrain rounds, you won’t be able to get an F1 racing license, and even by 2021, your 20 points collected in GP3 in 2018 will expire, making it even harder by 2022.