Another beheading terrorist attack in France

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Three people died in a delayed attack in Nice near the city’s Notre Dame Cathedral or in the building itself. According to Reuters, one of the victims, a woman, was beheaded. Several were injured in the attack.

Mayor Christian Estrosi wrote on Twitter that he knows a terrorist attack may have taken place and the perpetrator was arrested.

The mayor knows that two fatalities were killed in the cathedral. He also spoke with French President Emmnuel Macron, who expressed his condolences to the people of Nice. Christian Estrosi later said the suspect – who was taken to hospital – is Allah Akbar! folded. According to police information, he had no companions.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced on Twitter that he had convened a crisis team to deal with the situation.

– writes the The world.

Recently, a video was also posted on Twitter about commandos invading the cathedral.

In France, a 47-year-old history teacher was recently the victim of a similar terrorist attack. . An 18-year-old Chechen young man, Abdullak Anzorov, cut his throat and finished.

(Cover image: Detectives in Nice at the scene of a knife attack. Photo: Valery Hache / AFP)



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