Announcements from the San Martín theater: new works filmed on stage and a stimulus award

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At a Zoom press conference, the new scenic projects of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex were announced, which will be transmitted via streaming.

The pandemic changed almost all cultural habits and created new ones. Some of them, it seems, came to stay and join the existing ones, such as the case of streaming plays. From the San Martín Theater, this Tuesday announcements were made about new digital stage projects and announced a stimulus award.

In a press conference by Zoom, the Minister of Culture of the City, Enrique Avogadro, and the Director of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex (CTBA), Jorge Telerman, officially launched a new stage of stage projects. They were accompanied by the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff, Felipe Miguel, and the vice president of Banco Ciudad, Fernando Elías.

Its about Cycle Hybrid Modes, of which 18 productions are part, including ten plays, four music shows in the Hall Alfredo Alcón del San Martín, three works by the Contemporary Ballet and a puppet show.

The casts that had planned to premiere their productions during this 2020 were affected by the pandemic and the works were put on hold. Therefore, from the Complex, they decided to summon them so that adapt their materials to an audiovisual format that is recorded on stage to later be seen by streaming.

Among the works that can be seen soon, made with this modality, are: Alice in Wonderland, from the Grupo de Pupiriteros del San Martín, with text and direction by Eva Halac; Boat, with dramaturgy and direction by Mariano Tenconi Blanco and a cast made up of Santiago Gobernori, Agustín Rittano, Lorena Vega, Marcos Ferrante, Laura Paredes and Juan Isola.

Too, Reconstruction (the master of the world), with dramaturgy and direction by Francisco Lumerman, with Diego Gentile, Fiamma Carranza Macchi, Rosario Varela, David Subi, Elena Petraglia and Franco Quercia.

Return of the Voyager 1 gold record, by Mariana Chaud, and a cast made up of Marina Bellati, Marcos Ferrante, Verónica Hassan, Walter Jakob, Valeria Roldán, Santiago Gobernori, Lalo Rotavería, Laura López Moyano, Laura Paredes, Nicolás Levín, Fernando Tur, Maitina De Marco and Marta Lubos .

The biodrama of Vivi Tellas, Very blood wedding, a tragic biodrama, with Cecilia Roth, Maite Lanata, Esteban Meloni, Mauricio Paniagua, Luciano Suardi, Mara Bestelli, Flor Dyszel, Laura Nevole, Maruja Bustamante, Juliana Muras, Flor Bergallo, Belén Gatti, Rita Pauls, María Soldi, Nadia Sandrone, Max Swen, Eugenia Roces and Pablo Lugones.

Another one that will be seen is Looking for Vassa by Felicitas Kamien, with Andrea Nusembaum, Anabella Bacigaluppo, Marta Haller, Mariano Sayavedra and Javier Pedersoli. AND What the river does. The documentary, by and with Paula Marull, María Marull, and also Willy Prociuk, Mónica Raiola, Mariano Saborido and Débora Zanoli.

Echoes, by Emiliano Dionisi, which is a visual journey through the veins of the San Martín Theater on its 60th anniversary. And also This is not happening, by Eva Halac, inspired by Dirty hands, by Jean Paul Sartre, with Osmar Núñez, Michel Noher, Flor Torrente, Victoria Almeida, Nelson Rueda, Guillermo Aragonés and Juan Pablo Galimberti.

Among the projects there are two musicals. One is that of Betty Gambartes and Diego Vila, Who is Clara Wieck?, with Annie Dutoit, Víctor Torres and Eduardo Delgado. And the other, Happyland. Extractos, by Gonzalo Demaría and Alfredo Arias, with Alejandra Radano, Carlos Casella and Josefina Scaglione.

Too a concert by Natalie Pérez will be available and the choreographic work of Diana Theocharidis, In the same skyor, among other proposals.

“These difficult times have required us to think creatively and propose new formats for the development of cultural life”, Avogadro: “Although they do not replace the uniqueness of the face-to-face experience, they help us to remain connected.”

These new proposals will be added to that of the historical archives that were opened this year, on the occasion of the 60 years of the CTBA, with iconic works that passed through the San Martín.

For his part, Telerman, highlighted: “Events accelerated the circulation of audiovisual materials, although, in truth, it is a process that has already been happening. For our public theater it means not only an opportunity, but also an obligation to open new paths exploration “.

With the difficulties of performing theater and other stage activities, in person, came the variant of streaming and installed the debate in the theatrical environment.


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