Presenter of Radio Suomipop Anni Hautala ran her last broadcast before her maternity leave on Friday, September 18th. In honor of an important day, a co-host Jaajo Linnonmaa published a touching text on his Instagram website in which he recalls his communication with Hautala years ago.

In 2012, Jaajo took a break from radio and moved to Northern Finland. When he was asked back on the radio, the decision was to get Hautalak enthusiastic as well. Even before that, the duo had been dating together for a long time.

– In 2012 I called Ann from Ounasvaara, where I took a break that I should meet. I said I was asked on the radio from behind and would come if Anni agreed to be a friend. Anni replied “of course” in a second. I greatly appreciated this, because Anni was on the other channel at the time and she had her own successful program, Linnonmaa writes.

Now comes the stage of a joint program of as much as eight years.

– After the 2013 comeback, it was thought to become the most listened-to program in Finland in a month, and it has been since then. Enjoy the maternity leave and then continue again, Linnonmaa recalls.

Good news live

In May, Hautala and Court Musician Ilkka said that they were suddenly expecting a child in a live broadcast. Before that, they hadn’t even told about their relationship in public.

Hautala will be seen live on the Stars, Stars TV broadcast this fall. He previously told Iltalehti that he had not considered in advance how the judging would be handled if the birth hit the middle of the season.

– It goes how it goes, Anni said in August.

– There is no direct plan for it, at least not for me, he continued.

Janni Hussi as a successor

At the end of August, it was reported that Hautala would be replaced by a social media influencer in the Morning Milk program, which was also seen on television. Janni Hussi. Hussi is advancing rapidly in his radio career, as he only started on the radio this year. Until now, Hussi has hosted Radio Suomipop on weekends during the day.