Vocalist Anna Puu, 38, published a rare picture of her daughter in honor of the holiday. Alongside the picture, the singer published an emotional text in which she recalls the events of ten years ago.

Pictured is a determined girl looking at a life jacket wearing the sea. Anna Puu has very rarely published pictures of her daughter over the years.

– By this time, ten years ago, I had logged in to the Women’s Clinic. Fortunately, your birth was relatively smooth, because as a stubborn and “no tartte help” type first child, I had decided to survive childbirth without pain relief, says Anna Puu.

The artist also revealed that before the birth of his firstborn, he did not know whether the family would be completed with a girl or a boy.

– Your birth was awaited with great excitement and when you finally popped out at 14.01, the midwife announced that “The girl came!”, The singer recalls.

In her update, Anna Puu emotionally talks about her daughter’s characteristics.

– You know how to say “Mom I love sua.” and you dare to tell all your sorrows. Even though I can no longer carry you sleeping in bed without the sun’s feet hitting the floor, I still get to keep your mouth in the lap and kiss. I hope always.

At the end of her update, the mother warmly congratulates her daughter.

– Congratulations dear “little girl”, welcome to the double-digit side! Give Puu the sum.