Anitta star sensual shoot with new hair, make up and total pink outfit. See clicks!

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Anitta starred in a sensual shoot with iconic poses inside her own home. On Sunday night (18), the owner of the hit “Me Gusta” made a sequence of records on the floating chair in her room and showed all the power on board a total pink fashion, current trend in makeup, clothes and accessories. In photos shared on her Instagram profile, the singer appears with her new vibrant pink lace matching a satin cropped and transparent pantyhose from the Italian brand Gucci. The piece can be found for sale for $ 120, approximately R $ 672 in Brazil.

Anitta gets praise from MC Rebecca, Giovanna Lancellotti and more

Anitta’s clicks earned more than 1.5 million likes on her page. In the comments, the artist received a flood of praise. “She does her pose,” said influencer Rica de Marré. “Jeez”, reacted David Brazil. “It looks like a gift”, commented funker Tati Zaqui. “To the floor”, reacted the friend Ariadna Arantes, with whom she enjoyed a recent trip through Croatia. “Beautiful doll”, praised Luisa Mell. “Well Barbiezinha,” compared MC Rebecca. Giovanna Lancellotti, Glória Groove and more celebrities were also enchanted by the photos of the boss.

Singer chooses French affair as the best sex. Look!

In a recent live made on the internet, Anitta commented a little about her experience with the French language. Without mentioning names, the singer attributed her improvement in the language due to an affair. “Oh, during the quarantine, I took some French classes. And I took a French guy, who was the best sex of my life, of all time, and he taught me a little more French. I could communicate, but I didn’t practice anymore, that’s the problem. I spent two or three weeks now doing promotions in English and Spanish, so I forgot, but I was doing well, “she said, who has already revealed that she has lived trisal with Germans. Even without giving the name, netizens point out that the lucky one is Lucas Omulek, son of a 22-year-old Brazilian born and raised in Paris. The two enjoyed a trip to Croatia and went on to Italy together.

‘Every week a different person’, says Anitta

Single at the time, Anitta said she was never alone. “Every month a different person or every week (laughs) (…) I believe in marriage. It is something that must happen to me at some point. I don’t want to be over 35 without being a mother, “she declared to the American magazine” Hola! “

(By Rahabe Barros)


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