Anitta makes covid test to record and compares: ‘It looks like a genital organ, it comes and goes so much’

Chileans go to the polls for referendum on new constitution

Chileans will vote on Sunday in a historic referendum on the introduction of a new constitution. The plebiscite was one of the demands...

African Americans: Children of a Lesser Economic God

The marginalization of this group costs the United States 13.6 billion euros so far this centuryThe history of the United States is, to a...

The couple ordered the cheapest wine in the house in New York, accidentally received a $ 2,000 bottle

New York is home to the renowned restaurant Balthazar in order to keep a legendary restaurateur Keith McNally, 69. He has shared an event...

Dr. Fauci: Trump does not respect the scientific information about the new coronavirus

Saying the statement was correct, he stressed that a large-scale vaccine launch would take "several months in 2021" and early use would focus on...

France expels five members of a Bosnian family for shaving their daughter after their relationship with a young Christian

France expelled five Bosnians this Saturday, family members of a Muslim adolescent who was beaten and shaved last August in punishment for her relationship...

Anitta tested negative for Covid after meeting with Neymar

Before the release of “Me Gusta”, with Cardi B and Myke Towers, Anitta had already undergone a test to detect the virus. The “boss” came from a long trip to Europe and met Neymar again, who tested positive on the day she returned to Brazil. As soon as she arrived in Croatia, the singer raised controversy, but the staff tried to remove the negative buzz about her leaving the country in the midst of a pandemic: “The quarantine we mentioned in the note is not a quarantine that the person stays in a room or in social isolation. It is a mandatory quarantine to go to another country. Croatia is free for people to do what they want, as long as they take the care required by the government “.

Famous wants to be a mother at 30 and does not rule out adoption

In a recent interview, Anitta again commented on the dream of motherhood. “When I’m in my thirties or early thirties, I want to be a mother. I’m going to stop for a while to concentrate on that. Everything I do needs to have a focus. I would adopt, yes. for nothing [risos]”he declared to” Vogue “.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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