Have you ever imagined that a politician ran a campaign through a video game? Maybe not, but Joe Biden has made it happen and used Animal Crossing for it.

The global coronavirus pandemic has led digital tools to become our main refuge. All areas have had to adapt to technology in order to continue with work and social communication.

The video game industry has grown exponentially and titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, have gained great popularity because of the confinement.

The game of simulated life, by granting infinite possibilities for customization, has allowed the gamers exploit your creativity to the fullest.

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Political campaign at Animal Crossing

Now, something unthinkable has happened. The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has decided to carry out a whole political campaign through Animal Crossing.

It all started with an alliance with Nintendo in which players were going to have the possibility to download banners to place them on their islands.

Then, Biden She decided to launch her own island and included many Biden-Harris team-branded garments, as well as virtual items.

Among other curiosities, the island of Joe Biden has a field office for the multilevel campaign, with rooms for Biden and the vice presidential candidate, the senator Kamala Harris, filled with your personal belongings.

The phone bank on the first floor requests that players send a text message to receive garments as incentives. You just have to send “AC” to 30330 to receive the merchandise.

To visit the Joe Biden, you have to lie on the bed and open Dream Suite. Then enter the code DA-7286-5710-7478.

If you manage to visit the candidate, share with us images of the moment.

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