Angélica cries with her children’s declaration on TV: ‘I live for you’

Scandal in Belgium for an orgy with diplomats and a MEP in full quarantine

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5 killed and a number of other injured by man who purposefully hit pedestrians in Trier

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4 useless and 15 injured by a person who purposefully hit pedestrians in Trier

The 51-year-old man who killed no less than 4 individuals, together with a child, and injured 15 individuals within the pedestrian zone within the...

4 lifeless, together with a toddler, after a automobile crashed right into a German metropolis. The motive force was drunk PHOTO VIDEO

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Angelica talked about how she deals with criticism

Since she was very young on TV, Angélica guaranteed that she can handle criticism well. “I identify this privileged place of mine and of a person who worked hard to achieve this, but I can do something more. This cannot paralyze me, being alone here in this place of comfort. Seeing the other is very important. The proposal of the talk show is not to judge, except that they are more relevant matters. We are not talking about material goods, it is deeper “, he pointed out, referring to the new program.

Angélica tells how she deals with her children’s adolescence

Mother of three, Angelica already has two teenagers at home and told how she does to deal with them. “I am a very attentive mother. I know everything, the time of each thing that everyone is doing. Even when I was recording, my phone was with someone and I was monitoring it. Their schedule is up to me. I prefer it because I keep everything in my hand and they feel safer too “, he said. And he guaranteed: “But I am not neurotic. Before the pandemic, Joaquim was very much in this wave of going to parties. I would let him go. that he wasn’t going to arrive at that time “. In addition to the boys, aged 15 and 12, the presenter is also the mother of Eva, who turned 8 in September.

Angelica points out positive side of quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic arrived without warning and left everyone locked up at home. Along with her husband and three children, Angélica was able to see a positive side of social isolation. “The pandemic came to reaffirm my desire to seek a different life. It also brought me closer to my children. My parents are living with us and they help a lot. These days I was moved because I am teaching my daughter to read and write. She has classes online , but she’s learning to read and do math with me. I’m the one who’s standing there strong and strong every day, ”she said.

(By Carmen Moreira)


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