Ángel Di María exploded due to his absence from the National Team: “They never gave me an explanation”

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The PSG star showed his disgust at not being taken into account by Lionel Scaloni. “” If I break my asshole at the club, it’s to try to have a chance in the National Team and be able to compete, “he shot.

Ángel Di María exploded and the splinters flew to the AFA property, where Lionel Scaloni is taking refuge in the Ezeiza bubble while waiting for the South American Qualifying matches. El Fideo showed all his anger at not being part of the National Team list and said he did not understand the reasons for his exclusion.

“If you put yourself in the replacement, (Lionel) Messi, (Sergio) Agüero and (Nicolás) Otamendi would not have to be there. If you do it, you do it with everyone, not with some. You can continue doing the replacement, but have some … ” Video in a chat with Closs Continental after being left out of the list of the Selection for those against Ecuador and Bolivia.

“Many say that I am already great, but I am 32 years old and I continue to run in the same way, in each game I show that I am not, and I can be at the height of Neymar and Mbappé. If I do everything I do in the club trying to be in the eleven to be able to play a World Cup and America’s Cup, it’s hard to understand why I’m not summoned. They never gave me the explanation why they don’t call me. If I am not called, it is because they do not want to call me, “said Angelito, undisputed at PSG and with a high level today.

Di María got tired of criticism, and got tired of silence. That is why she decided to speak, expose what she feels and tell what happens to her. And she is not resigned to staying out of the Argentine team.

“Sometimes you put up with criticism and put up with it. But in a moment you explode and answer, I was silent for a long time. I love being in the National Team and I wish with all my soul to be able to wear the Argentina shirt again. I’m going to give 100%, “the left-hander doubled down.

“I can’t find an explanation as to why I am not summoned. It is difficult to understand, being in a good moment, not being summoned.”

“If I break my asshole at the club, it is to try to have a chance in the National Team and be able to compete. It is difficult to understand that being in a good moment I am not summoned, and they have not given me the explanation either.”

“If you start to think that it is because of the replacement, Leo should not be there, neither should the When nor Otamendi. I don’t take it that way. “

“Every time I play a good game or become a better player, I only think about being called up. It is true that I was 12 years old, but it is my dream and I want to be there again.”

“Many say that I am already great, but I am 32 years old and I continue to run in the same way, in each game I show that I am not, and I can be at the level of Neymar and Mbappé”.

“I don’t know if I’ll get to the World Cup at this level, but I’ll give 100% to be in the National Team again.


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